Nintendo Life: Metal Slug 7 Review

Choosing to give the DS a fully-fledged instalment in the Metal Slug series as opposed to a side-story or spin-off is a brave move on SNK's part, but we suspect it has more to do with current market conditions rather than an undying faith in the capabilities of the hardware. Still, while Metal Slug 7 unquestionably suffers visually due to the limitations of the DS, it still retains what is arguably the most vital component of the long-running and highly esteemed shooter franchise – the gloriously anarchic, hell-for-leather gameplay. If you're already fan then this review is entirely superfluous – you will no doubt have pre-ordered this already (or picked up the US/Japanese import months ago) – but those of you that are new to this legendary 'run and gun' lineage are recommended to sample the superlative Wii collection at the nearest possible opportunity; if you like what you see then Metal Slug 7 is the ideal next step.

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