Sonic and the Black Knight aimed at casual gamers

SEGA has three significant titles planned for Wii owners coming up: The Conduit, MadWorld, and Sonic and the Black Knight. The Conduit and MadWorld will undoubtedly appeal to hardcore gamers, but Sonic and the Black Knight may be a different story. SEGA's Tetsu Katano, who is part of the Sonic Team, said that the game is "aimed at a younger, more casual audience."

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rumplstilts3581d ago

Lol, this article is insignifigant. Sonic is uncared for nowadays

Xander-RKoS3581d ago

I think since Sonic was created, it was aimed for a younger demographic, with the exception of Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06 (both which, were not the best Sonic games).

ChampIDC3581d ago

Nothing wrong with a game aimed for casual gamers, because if it's done right, hardcores can still love it. Look at the original Sonic games. Just about anyone can love them.