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Submitted by spvn 2473d ago | article

Why Quake Live will be the best FPS ever

What made Quake 3 so great? It has everything a video game needs. Most people might simply think it's just a matter of how good you are at aiming in a video game, and that's true for most FPSes nowadays, but Quake 3 was so much more. Strategising (a concept that FPSes of today seem to be completely unaware of) is so important in this game that it's probably as important, if not more, than the player's skill. (Culture, PC, Quake Live, QuakeLive)

BRACHATTACK  +   2473d ago
*Cough* Killzone 2 *Cough*
spvn  +   2473d ago
True, Killzone 2 is cool, but honestly, Quake Live is in a whole different realm. The best Killzone 2 player in the world is still gonna get his ass handed to him if he comes to Quake Live. Not to mention it's impossible to play Quake at a high level with console controllers.
- Ghost of Sparta -  +   2473d ago
Killzone 2 is epic and looks stunning, Quake Live is not and looks like utter horse sh*t.
spvn  +   2473d ago
A game doesn't have to look good to be good btw. If that were true, games like N+ are supposedly really lousy. If you're looking for good looking games alone, look somewhere else.

The article has already stated why Quake Live is good. It's in a different realm of its own, no other game in recent times is anything like it. The adrenaline and excitement you experience in Quake is not possible at all in games like Killzone 2.
BRACHATTACK  +   2473d ago
@ spvn
You seem like a pretty hardcore PC gamer.

If thats what you're into, fair play.

For the majority of console gamers however, Killzone 2 has set a new standard, graphically and gameplay wise.
xwabbit  +   2473d ago
I found UT2k4 to be more challenging than Quake. That's my opinion tho.
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TheIneffableBob  +   2473d ago
- Ghost of Sparta -, you're comparing a 2009 game with an emphasis on a story-driven single-player campaign to a 1999 game focused on competitive multiplayer. Oh, and also, Quake Live runs in a web browser and is based off of a 10-year-old game. Of course it's going to look worse than Killzone 2.

Have you even played Quake Live, - Ghost of Sparta -? It's amazingly fun, just like it was 10 years ago. It's still pretty much the king when it comes to competitive shooters.
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Sitdown  +   2473d ago
"Killzone 2 has set a new standard, graphically and gameplay wise. "

I am not necessarily disagreeing with you....but gameplay wise what are the things that caused it to set the standard?
BRACHATTACK  +   2473d ago
I feel that the AI, weight of the player and the cover system are fantastic.

Does that answer your question?
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spvn  +   2473d ago
All that really does make Killzone 2 a great game. But IMO the multiplayer has nothing on Quake Live. With Killzone 2, it's really fun to play the MP with a bunch of friends or even other gamers online with your headset. However, if you're alone, Quake Live is the ultimate test of one's FPS skills. Both aiming and strategising are equally important, not to mention everything is TONS faster.
PotNoodle  +   2473d ago
Comparing killzone 2 MP to Quake MP is rather stupid if you ask me.

Why? Quake is a fast paced Twitchy arcade shooter, killzone 2 is a slower more tactical shooter. I love quake and still play it to this day, but i want something new, so killzone 2 gets the edge for me.

Oh and please, shut up calling killzone 2 the best FPS ever, thanks.
BRACHATTACK  +   2473d ago
Why should i stop calling Killzone 2 the best FPS ever?

Its my opinion jackass.
PotNoodle  +   2473d ago
Havn't played many FPS games then, eh?

Have you completed the game? Have you played MP for over 5 hours?
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BRACHATTACK  +   2473d ago
More than you

We obviously have different views, but its my opinion, and from what i've seen and played, Killzone 2 is the best FPS.

You're obviously one of those gamers who thinks Half Life is the best, thats fine, its YOUR opinion.

My last bubble, so yeah, Killzone 2 FTW
PotNoodle  +   2473d ago
No i don't think half-life is the best, i had the killzone 2 online beta and i think it is the best online FPS on the current gen of consoles.

But i just don't see it being the BEST, all i see it as is a Great shooter, nothing more - nothing less.
kwyjibo  +   2473d ago
Re: - Ghost of Sparta -
Well done Ghost of Sparta, graphics graphics graphics! Idiot.

I know you're out of bubbles, but how many FPS's have you actually played? And how much of Killzone 2?


Quake 3 is the absolute pinnacle of pure deathmatch. Nothing comes close, there are no classes, no flags, no modes, just you and your instincts. It was so fast, everything was down to your skill alone.

It set out to be the best deathmatch experience and it achieves it spectacularly. This was the game used in every e-sports tournament, when it got a bit too dated graphically, they switched to Painkiller, but when Quake 4 just remade it, they went back to it. I don't know why they left Quake 3 to be honest.

Unreal Tournament came out at around the same time, and quite a lot of publications rated that slightly higher, because of the variety it offered. But in the end, everyone went back to Quake.
Ryo-Hazuki  +   2473d ago
in my opinion....Killzone 2 is definitely the best FPS ever. I was in the beta and thats all i needed to play to know that
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Skadoosh  +   2473d ago
Killzone 2? are you serious? The best fps ever? cmon, are you being for real?
Bonsai1214  +   2473d ago
no denying KZ2 is a great game, but its far from the best fps ever.. i'll be buying it the first day i can, but be realistic. you guys haven't even played the damn thing yet. online beta yeah, demo yeah, but you haven't gone through the single player, or spent hours upon hours leveling up your profile.

Quake 3 is the purest form of fps ever. there is no doubt in that. if you play it, you'll understand. console fps fans shouldn't talk when it comes to these things. an average computer fps player will destroy a good console fps gamer if in the same match.

as of now, there is no fps on any console that touches Counter Strike or Quake.
JaPo  +   2473d ago
The sad thing is there's a multitude of spods trying to claim KZ2 is the best FPS ever, when they really haven't a clue. In my opinion, COD4 is the best online console shooter. I had considerably less fun playing the KZ2 beta than when I play Call of Dutes. Half-Life is the best single-player FPS, I believe. The first one.

Quake 3 is meat and potatoes twitch shooting at its best. Pure, unadulterated fun.

Brachattack is clearly an epic tool.
herbaldoctor7  +   2473d ago
quake sucks just like unreal. fast game play is over. games like cod and killzone are the future.quake wars was also a joke. they should kill the quake series because its dead. a new quake game will never be better than a 2 year old modern warfare.......
xwabbit  +   2473d ago
herbaldoctor7 those games r for hard core gamers not casual gamers. You can go back to playing your average fps games
Marquis_de_Sade  +   2473d ago
Quick question, how can a game you haven't played fully, be considered the best FPS ever?
Unicron  +   2473d ago
Ah, an FPS from the days when men were men, and auto aiming didn't exist.

If this has ALL the features found in Quake 3 Team Arena, then it will be great.

SmokingMonkey  +   2473d ago
auto aiming? whats that? running down some1 in your car? twisted metal?
j/k i remember playing Duke Nukem on the TEN network

4 players online, $10 a month and no auto aiming. It was different time for FPS shooters, Shadow Warrior, Blood. LOL
Cajun Chicken  +   2473d ago
Quake 3 is bloody good fun (especially Deathmatch), the fact I can play it in a browser for free in the future is fantastic. I applaud Id for this brave effort and one step further than the normal source code releases they do (I can't wait to see what people do once Doom3's source code goes free). Epic should see about doing something similar to this with UT before they miss out.
I really can't wait for this, but I wonder if Id could, possibly, possibly get this working on PS3's browser, which would be amazing, other than that, laptop awaaaaaayyyy!!!
GamerPS360  +   2473d ago
enough of twitchy hack/cheat world known as quake live.

PC multiplayer could be fun but hackers ruined it.
spvn  +   2473d ago
You talk like hackers are rampant all over the online PC gaming world, which is in fact completely not true. Contrary to popular belief, Punkbuster does work most of the time, and even when new hacks pop up it is updated sooner or later to prevent them. Not to mention most hackers get banned really quickly. So much so that very few people dare to hack nowadays.

Oh and if you think people are hacking in Quake Live because they pull off some sick unbelievable shot, they're most likely not hacking. Good Quake Live players are REALLY that good.
GamerPS360  +   2473d ago
I used to be PC fan. But, I got banned from so many servers 'coz they thought I was hacking because there were so many others who were actually hacking.

don't get me wrong. I played counter strike over 5 yrs and I was elite. I still have 5 digit steam ID. But, freaking admin on servers kept banning me from every single servers and I thought, enough is enough.
If you are good, you get banned 'coz of other hackers on PC. Now, I play PS3 and I still don't like DS3 for FPS but at least, I can play with my full skill.
spvn  +   2473d ago
man... that must really suck. I know what you mean. Sorry bout that, but still, hackers don't spoil it for the rest of us who aren't that quite good enough to be called hackers yet.
zagibu  +   2473d ago
@GamerPS360: They calling you a hacker was just an excuse. They actually kicked/banned you, because you were too good and ruined the fun for everyone else. If you really are that good, then you have to either play not at full strength or play on servers with equally good players.
theEnemy  +   2473d ago
Resistance 2's gameplay
is like Quake IMO.

Fast-paced but too much fun!
PotNoodle  +   2473d ago
Eiffel  +   2473d ago
A lot of games are fast paced..

Quake, URT3, even a Doom 2 source port called Zdaemon sets high standards for fast paced shooters..

Resistance 2's multiplayer was a joke.
ChampIDC  +   2473d ago
Console games simply can't capture the pace of Quake or UT properly. There's no way with a controller.
PotNoodle  +   2473d ago

UT3 on PS3 with mouse and keyboard ;)
ChampIDC  +   2473d ago
Crap, you got me. I completely forgot about that, haha.
Marquis_de_Sade  +   2473d ago
I enjoyed the multiplayer in R2, not enough to clock up the 10k kills for the trophy, but enough to put in a few days worth.
pixelsword  +   2472d ago
I like R2's Co-op, but I haven't gave the Competitive mode a chance
I only played it like literally one to three times because Co-Op is really addicting.

Maybe I'll give it a whirl before QLive or K2 comes out; because when they do, I'll probably be playing those games.
telesido  +   2473d ago
you don't
just come out of nowhere talking about quake like its nothing.
quake has its own convention. half-life, counterstrike, unreal, even up to games like halo, and killzone.. wouldn't be the same without the foundation quake created for the FPS genre.

the game's great. each weapon demands skill. don't talk down about it when you've never played it seriously. bet you a skilled gamer from quake, will kick ass in killzone, where a skilled player in killzone get their ass murdered in quake. what you know about strafe jumping?
Horny Melon  +   2473d ago
Actually quakcon is an ID convention
it has nothing to do with quake specifically. It's like Blizzcon for blizzard. It is the studios way of connecting with fans and showing off the latest and greatest.
pixelsword  +   2472d ago
Well, I have to disagree a little bit with the weapons
Quake's Plasma Rifle is a cheap gun, and the gauntlet is kinda cheap if you know how to buzz down people at landing points when they jump across the screen, but for the most part, the rest of the weapons require skill.

Besides, Quake's MP is a little more advanced than the regular games; you even have to adjust characters depending on who you're playing. When playing QIII Arena, I like to play with Keel, Sorlag, or Tank Jr. when I think I'm doing well; but if I'm getting wiped-up, I'll get someone like Bones because he give the illusion of being hard to hit because of his look.

Honestly, though: I know a dude that looks just like Hossman, but blond, and a guy that looks like Bitterman, but he wears a huge beard now.
Skadoosh  +   2473d ago
We'll see if it can handle the competition level of Halo 3. Quake 3 was awesome but Halo 3 is where the real action is at.
Bonsai1214  +   2473d ago
i hope you're kidding.
Trebius  +   2473d ago
That is a 3 bubble statement...
If i've ever seen one...
Horny Melon  +   2473d ago
I don't think the writer of this article played Quake 3 at all..............
"Quake 4 was a complete failure in my opinion and it lost a lot of what made Quake 3 so much fun. "

Quake 3 was a total departure of the series. Quake 4 was a return to what quake was before quake 3.

"Sure the single player campaign was fun, but the multiplayer aspect was a huge step backward. "

There was zero single player all it was bots on the multiplayer maps. Quake 3 was a quick and dirty attempt to clone what Epic was doing with Unreal at the time.

"Strategising (a concept that FPSes of today seem to be completely unaware of) is so important in this game that it’s probably as important, if not more, than the player’s skill."

Please, Here is quake 3s game play in a nut shell.......spawn, die, spawn, move an inch, die, spawn, camper kills you, die, spawn, die, spawn collect weapon die, spawn, some one spawns in you, die. The levels were so small in quake 3 that there was virtually no ability to set up a bottle neck or sniper spot, you stopped moving and you were dead.

"There’s just so many things that a player has to keep track of, consider and evaluate within literally split seconds.

Quake 3 was about as basic of a FPS as you could get. Games often boiled down to who had the better twitch skills and the smoother connection.
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Mike Wallace  +   2473d ago
"Please, Here is quake 3s game play in a nut shell.......spawn, die, spawn, move an inch, die, spawn, camper kills you, die, spawn, die, spawn collect weapon die, spawn, some one spawns in you, die."

man, sounds like you really sucked at quake!

j/k. i ended up resigning and thinking it was a little too twitchy for me too...especially when people were able to snipe with the rail gun in a midair across the room jump. that kinda killed it for me.

I ended up choosing unreal tournament because it played slower and seemed to demand more from the variety of guns. loved those multiplayer tower vs tower levels on unreal tournament. bum rushing a tower full of snipers was always fun
Horny Melon  +   2473d ago
I wasn't terrible at it at all................
it's just that the maps were so small that unless you hovered around where the life spawn was you wouldn't be able to make it back to one after a fire fight before you were killed.

And for everyone else. Cheating was rampant in Q3 with script writing. People would writing scripts from everything to rocket jumps to target centering.
kwyjibo  +   2473d ago
"Quake 3 was a quick and dirty attempt to clone what Epic was doing with Unreal at the time."

That's a bullshit statement with no basis in reality.
Revvin  +   2473d ago
I diasgree about it being a "quick and dirty attempt to clone what Epic was doing with Unreal at the time." because it lacked most of what Unreal Tournament had in terms of gameplay. Quake 3 was a glorified tech demo, a showcase for their engine. Everyone wowed at the lighting and curved walls etc, something that had not been seen before. Quake 3 was a quick and dirty attempt but it was an attempt to showcase and sell a game engine rather than focus on gameplay.
superrey19  +   2473d ago
Man this game is crazy fast. The first time I spawned, I died after 5 seconds. This is very fast and if your used to console shooters or just any type of "realistic" shooter, u will get ur ass handed to u in this game. Now, the fact thats an in-browser game means im typing this and waiting for the next match to start ^_^
raddbj03  +   2473d ago
i guess i don't understand why people jump all over this guy for saying killzone 2 is the best fps ever made. it is his opinion, and he has a right to it. u can't question that.

if you want to question how much he has played it and/or if he has extensively played all the other fps on each console and pc - then fine question the validation/reasoning of the opinion.

but you can't call a person stupid based on his thinking of that a game is his personal favorite/best made in that genre - you can, however, question the logic or reasoning.
Tony P  +   2473d ago
When you try to make your opinion a statement of fact of course others will take issue with it. Saying a game is the "best FPS ever" is not the same as saying "my favourite FPS". One of those is an obvious opinion, the other masquerades as an objective fact. If you can't make it clear that it's only your opinion the first post, I think you deserve whatever trouble you invite.

Anyway, I'm sure KZ2 will be a great game, but it's not the best thing out imo. See how easy that was?
Revvin  +   2473d ago
In my opinion Quake 3 was the beginning of the end. I bought all iD's stuff up till then including the add-ons but they changed their focus from making great games to making a game engine they could license out. They realised where the money was and forgot about the gameplay and innovation.

Epic kept innovating with Unreal Tournament, adding new gameplay modes with each new version, enhancing team play aspects of the game and releasing free content in droves whilst also making a game engine that they could license.

Quake 3 is all about deathmatch and thats it, if you don't like anything beyond that then the game is pretty shallow and you will grow bored of it quickly. Times have changed and while Quake Live will push the boundaries of browser based games and will probably be quite successful in the far east I believe it will remain of little novelty value everywhere else. I may be wrong but I for one have moved on from that type of gameplay years ago and I don't believe I'm alone. Gamers want more.
raddbj03  +   2473d ago
i get what your saying and most may agree.

but i think the matter of opinion was we all know u cant really say as a fact one game is better than another overall because there isnt a set way to dtermine this...theres no consensus scale or measurement so it will always involve a matter of opinion.

therefore by saying killzone 2 is the best ever and/or better than quake, it is implied that such statement is an opinion since its not possible to be a universal truth or fact.

thats like me saying "pizza is the best food ever, no other food is close." i didnt outright state this as my opinion because its already implied due to the fact that best food ultimately comes down to opinion....just like best vide games.
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trx07  +   2473d ago
ermm, no
I have the quake live beta, really its nothing special
blackbeld  +   2473d ago
Hope they can tip with Kilzone 2....
spvn  +   2473d ago
errr.. huh?
Gun_Senshi  +   2473d ago
Quake and Killzone 2 MP are totally different.

One is Frag Feast (Quake) while Killzone 2 is Tactical...

Its like comparing SEGA Rally to Gran Tourismo..

Personally, I prefer a more tactical approach to FPS. It also (In my opinion) Provieds more fun in competitive envoirment with Clans (Like Battlefield 2 on PC)
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