Hell Descent's Survival Horror Nostalgia - Resident Evil 2 Review

Survival Horror gaming blog Hell Descent has gone back into the past and revisited a Survival Horror classic. View the full review to see how Resident Evil 2 stacks up Survival Horror games of this generation.

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Stu19813556d ago

Good read, can agree with a lot of things they've mentioned.

I like reading horror game blogs like this, hadn't seen this one before now!

Arsenic133556d ago

Thx. I write for the site. Same user name, writer "Cj" Come and check us out. :)

DominusRebellis3556d ago

I remember the day I came home with this. I was so freakin scared when I met the licker for the first time, that I had to turn it off. Thanks for the read, I think I might put the game back in my ps3 and give it another life. THanks!

kewlkat0073556d ago

ahhh a trip down memory lane.."RESIDENT EVIL!!!!".

Kleptic3556d ago

I bought this title the day i first found it (i think it was back in 1997)...I was only 14 years old, and didn't get online that much as all we had was crap dial up that never worked anyway...

and it will go down as one of the single most disappointing game experiences I have ever had...not because the game was bad, quite the opposite...but because I instead remembered how difficult the first one was, and game sharked through RE2 from the get go...completely ruined it...all the shocking moments, like the shark or whatever in the sewer I had a friggin' gatling gun that would tear anything apart...and I didn't even realize I had ruined it until I played through the game a second time without using the game shark...that was the very last time I have ever used a cheat code or cheat device before I had spent a lot of time with a game...

now games aren't really built that way...cheat codes built in are usually not even present anymore...its all unlockable stuff...which is a much better way to do it imo...

poopface13556d ago

Id give it a 10 outa 10. this guy probably would too if he had played it through twice with each character to see the true ending(fight on the train), or if he experienced the pants [email protected] that occurred when mr X busts through the wall for the first time. When I was little that freaked me out when that guy smashed through the wall.