Sears to Offer $29.99 Xbox LIVE 12 Month Cards This Week writes:

"Hey guys, I just opened up my weekend ads to find Sears offering the 12+1 Month Xbox Live Gold cards for just $29.99 through February 28th.

Sears is also advertising the Xbox 360 wireless controller for $39.99

Starts Sunday, 2/22!"

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OGharryjoysticks3502d ago

I keep getting the disagrees when I say Live will be made free within the year, but I'll say it again and hopefully you guys see the writing on the wall.

Live will be free by this time next year.

Elven63502d ago

Live will not be free, only cheaper! I bet this is a test, Microsoft will see how much sales have spurred and decide if a official drop is in the cards. (No pun intended)

thats_just_prime3502d ago

Been a lot of 29.99 sells lately seem like an offical price drop cant be far off

SonyRulz3502d ago

MS isn't giving up $500 million+/yr, with no way to readily replace that lost income.

Blaze9293501d ago

I didnt even know Sears still existed

Lifendz3501d ago

but seeing deals like this really does help a guy like me that refuses to pay to play games online bite the bullet and pick up a 360.


Sorry but charging for online is lame. PSN is adding features and functionality all the F'ing time. So why would I pay when I get what I want-to play games online-and more for free?

SUP3R3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Because Live creates features and SONY incorporates them on PSN much later. By that time MS drops another stack of new features on Live while SONY has to play catch up once again.
PSN will never reach the level of Live, period.
SONY wins for hardware because that's what they do.
MS wins for software because that's what they do.

Sayai jin3501d ago

@Lifendz- I see your point and there are many who feel the same way you do.

@SUP3R-I see your point as well.

XBL is almost 6 years in the making and is steadily improving. PSN is still rather young, but steadily improving and Sony has invested a lot of time and money into. It is shapely up nicely. I still find XBL to fit my needs a lot more than PSN at this time. It should be better it has been around and improved for a long time compared to the PSN. I do not paying the fee for XBL, free would be awesome, who can argue that. But until the PSN can match toe to toe with XBL I do not see it being free. It ook a long time just to get in-game XMB, you know i am right. Or if Sony captures a lot of the online gaming market and I am not talking about the 2 upwards to 6 PSN account made by one person.

I for one hope the PSN/Home picks up popularity and improves greatly to force MS to drop or make XBL free. Don't you just love competition. BTW, I have both PSN and XBL and see the need for both.

Gamers game, period! Game on...

OGharryjoysticks3501d ago

You might have just had to pay for another year just recently, but that's not going to change the facts and Live will be free in due time. (but I understand your frustrations because you will not get your money back just like I never got my money back from my extended warranty purchase after they made it free for all)

Anyway the money they make on Live is less than they spend on advertising and what better way to advertise than offer Live free.

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Bnet3433501d ago

You need to get out more.

LilMissGoddess3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

if you honestly looked at that link, your don't show it for $29.99 i don't understand where you people come up with it...truthfully if you want it cheaper than $49.99, you can get it through it would be $38.99!! i don't know why they allow these kind of things on this site when they don't give the truth, its garbage! also your controllers are cheaper there as well...

DemonChild3501d ago

The website does not show it for $29.99. But if you look at the actual Ad for the week on the site it does show the discount.

Mogabu3501d ago

You just had to wait until today (Sunday) as it's showing $30 now. I'm about to go pick up a couple.

Mogabu3501d ago

You'd have to be a moron to disagree as it's $30 at Sears right here:

DemonChild3501d ago

Not sure why I got a disagree, but ok... Just picked mine up today. They had 1 left. Good deal!

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Shadow Man3501d ago

I keep getting "router or gateway isn't properly responding to ICMP respond" how come all of the sudden I'm no able to connect to xbox live.

krouse933501d ago

hey 29.99 is more than free

dragunrising3501d ago

Perhaps, all of these $30 sales from retailers are a sign of price drop. I think it would be cool if the price was permanently slashed to $30 and a free version with ads made the Silver account online multiplayer enabled. More people playing online the better.

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