Street Fighter IV Boss Brings Too Much Fight?

BeefJack writes, "If, like the majority of us, you've noticed Street Fighter IV's boss character, Seth, to be painfully tough despite the difficulty setting, then there may be an explanation - and a fix - for this seemingly stupid imbalance..."


BeefJack would like to point out that if you read the entire article you will find that the bug only seems to apply to the PS3 version of Street Fighter IV.

If you experience no issues you are likely playing on the Xbox 360. The article was not written to debate the overall difficulty of Seth but to propose that a bug has prevented him from scaling in difficulty correctly.

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Blademask3503d ago

I hate n00blet gamers, you guys are ruining everything.

Just block... when he sucks you in, dont attack.. you go faster into him.

- Ghost of Sparta -3503d ago

Seth took me one try to kill him on the Hardest difficulty. are just too retarded to understand how to defeat him.

BeaArthur3503d ago

What a coincidence because I hate people who use stupid terms like "n00blet gamers". Just because people find it hard or frustrating doesn't mean they are a "n00blet gamer". I bet there are plenty of games where you get your backside handed to that others would call easy.

BeaArthur3503d ago

- Ghost of Sparta -...I mean honestly if you are going to lie make up a believable lie.

cyrus2283503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

stop actin like a hotshot, beating him with ryu ken or sagat/ the easy characters is simple on any diff, but try beating that cheese ball with viper, doing her ultra just for him to teleport and grab u. its not a fun fight. not that the game was that fun, i just went back to guilty gear after unlocking fei long, cammy and sakura, then returned game, just wasn;t deep enough, tho thats cuz guilty gear accent core spoiled me ;p

cant wait for Blazblue, check a trailer

tho yeah king of fighters boss top seth in cheesyness lol


fvckin A.

i beat the bastard with both the patch and the install on medium.....i knew hed be cheesy, but still managed.

Lifendz3503d ago

Bleep everyone who's acting like some bada$$ cuz they beat Seth one time out the gate or on the hardest difficulty or whatever. That's really uncalled for. A good number of people are having problems with the last guy. He's cheesy like M Bison was on Street Fighter 2 on the SNES. We all know some of you guys are uber SF4 players and can dominate but making yourself out to be better than someone else, or belittling someone else cuz they're having trouble beating the last guy is not cool.

BTW it took me 4 times on medium. Like Blade said, you just have to block on his second form and he's pretty easy. You can't play him like you play everyone else.

Cheeseknight283503d ago

He can't possibly be as hard as Night Terror in SC3, bugged or otherwise.

Sasanova3503d ago

if ur having difficulty, go back to playing halo you halo scrubs

specialguest3503d ago

If you find it impossible to beat Seth, then play the damn game on Easy. That's the whole point of difficulty levels. Don't play it on Hard if you're not an advanced player.

BeaArthur3503d ago

Sasanova...I guess we wouldn't see you on Halo though right? I bet if you were you would be the guy with 4 kills and 12 deaths. Just because someone may not be good at SF4 does not mean that SF4 is some kind of gauge for gaming talent. There are plenty of games harder than SF4 so get off your high horse, you may be good at it but I bet you get your ass handed to you in everything else.

DelbertGrady3503d ago

I beat Seth on the hardest difficulty blindfolded and without touching the controller...

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Sangria3503d ago

I knew 8 perfects and after 45 minutes to beat Seth was not normal. With Ryu / Ken, it's quite easy to manage him, with spamming Shoryuken / Tatsumaki Senpuu kyaku, Seth can't breath and dies like a cake in a furnace.

But with short-ranged attack, it's much more difficult, because Seth has some kind of dirty automatisms. If you jump, he will do a special-shoryuken. If you jump and kick, he will grab and throw you. If you only high-kick him, he we do a kick then his 25-hits kick.

It's not a matter of being a noob or not, it's just that the boss has something weird about his AI, and if with some characters he's really sweet, with others he's a pain in the ass. I can beat the game in Hard with Ken without losing a continue, but passing hours to try to beat Seth on Very Easy with Chun-Li.

The game is really good, but i the random difficulty of Seth alters my feelings. Sometimes i love it, sometimes i hate it.

tee_bag2423503d ago

He probably has priority hit detection ;)
But he is a boss after all

Solbadguy3503d ago

in Street Fighter Alpha 3 is harder than Seth so I ain't complaining.

Reibooi3503d ago

uhhh Am i missing something Seth is damn easy even on the default difficultly.

Panthers3503d ago

It appears that he is easy with certain characters and harder with others.