RUMOR: Guerilla Games already working on KIllzone 3 and Killzone: liberation 2?

A user posted a scan along with a translated version of the dutch article from the dutch gaming magazine Power Unlimited.
The article states that Guerilla games is already working on Killzone 3 and Killzone: liberation 2. The article also talks about the upcoming DLC. Hit the jump to read the article.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3531d ago

Killzone will always be a large weapon in the Sony arsenal

PoSTedUP3531d ago

finally a game worth playing on the ps3... oh wait.. ;)

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3530d ago

You really have to say 'sarcasm' when you joke like that on this ;-D

I KNOW;) you LOVE the PS3 Exclusives;)

KillZone 3 on PS3...Sounds MEGA-COOL!!! ;-P

blackbeld3530d ago

Killzone 2 is been now officially succes confirmed.. Killzone 3 will be awsome more!!

Cajun Chicken3531d ago

70% making a finished product, developers tend to move onto to the next project seeing most the pre-prodcution would be done beforehand.

Overr8ed3531d ago

I hope that GG isnt working on KZ3. I hope they are working on a new IP of the PS3.
I can wait for a other KZ for a other 4 years (possibly making the more of a KZ3 then a KZ 2.5)

Liberation PsP2 bound?

BulletToothtony3531d ago

well you do know that making an engine (chassis) for a game is one of the hardest parts right..

GG took that long cause look at the game.. I don't think it would take more than 2 years to optimize the engine, make new environments and tweak the gameplay.. I'm sure the grfx would also look about 10 to 20% better.. If the game looked the same then it would be 2.5 but i highly doubt it.. I mean, i'm not expecting cod:mw2 to look any better than part 1 but i know that is gonna be pretty good,

Yet i'm expecting GG games to make something even better because they strive for perfection... either way, the idea of killzone3 already sounds good.. plus why a new IP when look at k2, it's like if bungie wouldn't had done Halo3. Why quit when you're just rising?

Lifendz3531d ago

Just absorb that. The game is only going to look better with Killzone 3, 4, etc. If other devs use it the quality of game on the PS3 is going to be amazing.

Viper73530d ago

Well ofcourse they are, just that they are most likely on very early planning stages. When a big game project is finished, isnt it common sense that they start to plan on the next project while also taking long needed rest.

Killzone liberation2 seems likely, although having multiplayer HD Version of Liberation would also be great for PSN. But we can only wait and see, hopefully E3 will shed some new light.

Cwalat3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

this is no rumor,
the devs themselves said: " that we have done our engine it will be that much easier in next project"

stuff going around in the web on the ending: "...if you've seen the ending you pretty much know there is a 3rd one on the way"

what did you guys expect... Guerilla would leave this huge universe after one nextgen game? And that the hard work creating the engine will be lost?


Guerrilla Games, will deliver once more!
My guess is on 2010-2011

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grantps33531d ago

a think i just wet myself


I think i just orgasmed. Beat that.

raddbj033531d ago

multiple orgasm...and i'm a guy

Hal Emmerich3531d ago

They won't be working on both, they'll have a few on the DLC and the rest begging a new project, please be KZ3 not really a fan of handheld games.

jkhan3531d ago

Have you played Killzone Liberation? If not then you definitely should. It is one of the best games on PSP. It is just awesome. I really want another Killzone on PSP but I think Sony Bend studio should make it and let GG work on Killzone 3 or a new PS3 title.

Hal Emmerich3531d ago

I have and I really didn't enjoy it, I don't think its the games fault I just don't like handheld games I think.

Kleptic3531d ago

well they easily could do both...GG has grown from 50'ish on killzone 1 and over 140 house...which is similar in size to Insomnia, whom easily handle two games simultaneously...only switching full staff to one game under bug hunting and 'crunch time'...

and seeing as though the engine for killzone 2 is complete...the next game will not have nearly as much overhead, or required personnel...that is assuming its a relatively similar experience to killzone 2 overall...

but yeah its been confirmed in a lot of interviews that GG is already working on the next projects...and large amounts of DLC for killzone 2...

Viper73530d ago

I dont think SCE has problem making them both, developing Psp games is a lot cheaper than HD-era games. And they got plenty of studios that they could put to make killzone liberation2.

I just hope they play their cards well and next killzone ps3 and Psp use the connectivity in some way. Could be nice if you could open up alternative routes with your psp game for Ps3 game. Like blowing up a wall in Ps3 version would unlock a new route for Psp version of the game.
Theres plenty of bossibilities we can only hope for the best :P

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Spike473531d ago

and the last time I bought a PSP game was about 5-6 months ago.

El_Colombiano3531d ago

"last time I bought a PSP game was about 5-6 months ago."

I see what you did the. Arrrrgh matey!!!

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