Lara adds more achievements to her collection

Console Monster writes: "It was just last week Tomb Raider: Underworld was getting three new achievements and now we have just added the Achievements for the game. The achievements can be unlocked in Lara's Shadow – the second downloadable content for the game, set to release in March.

We have added 7 achievements worth 125 GamerScore. The list contains 41 achievements worth 1250 GamerScore:

Treasure Hunter - 10 GamerScore
Find all Treasures in Lara's Shadow

Relic Hunter - 10 GamerScore
Find the Hidden Relic in Lara's Shadow

Master Reward Hunter - 25 GamerScore
Find the Hidden Relic and all Treasures in Lara's Shadow..."

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Droid Control3559d ago

wheres the FIRST DLC content?

Elven63558d ago

It comes out Tuesday.

Magnus3559d ago

So when does Lara add trophies to PS3

HardcoreGamer3559d ago

im starting to get into these trophy things. but mainly only going for golds. lots of golds looks nicer then bronzes but i odnt have enough time to play all the games and get platinums..
i actually bought prince of persia over tomb raider just because of the trophies lol

thats_just_prime3559d ago

hardcore is a perfect example of how sony failed in when they ripped off MS and added achievementsto the ps3. MS has a fairly unified system with every game having achievements. While sony slapped it on after the fact and now people are buy only games that have achievements and passing on other great games just cause they dont have them

HardcoreGamer3546d ago

a crap for xbox acheivements i just thought i was getting closer with completing the games bonuses and secrets..

but even thought the trophies are pretty much the same thing having a gallery of trophies especially golds is more fun than someones numbers.

also i got 2 sets of garments from collecting trophies on street fighter 4 on ps3. i got the akuma gear. sweeeet

Karum3559d ago

Cuz Nathan > Lara by a very long way.

SuicidalTendencies3559d ago

It's brave of you to admit that you prefer men over women. Whatever floats your boat man.

SuicidalTendencies3558d ago

All of you Sony fanboys sure love your Nathan Drake. You love him more than Lara Croft. That says something about the Sony fan base. They prefer to look at a man ass instead of a womens. Judging from the disagrees I will get I'm sure I'll hit a nerve.

KazthebigmouthHirai3558d ago

Actually at xbot, at least one of you is right for once. Me and Jackass Tretton get together every weekend or whenever we have free time for some annal buttsex of our own.

HardcoreGamer3547d ago

after playing uncharted i couldnt even get into tomb raider - whoever gave tomb raider a 9/10 shud be shot in the finger. prince of persia was ok. not great and still not 9/10 wtf hell. anyway funny with the gay jokes