DICE 2009: The 'LittleBigPlanet' That Never Was

MTV Multiplayer writes: " During a talk about his studio's critical hit "LittleBigPlanet," Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans described an earlier version of the game that had "physical tools" - 1) A shotgun that blew holes in things."

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goflyakite3531d ago

Maybe they can still include older ideas through level packs.

*fingers crossed*

Danja3531d ago

I totally agree.....I think they should because most time the ideas that are left out are normally some of the best..

still love playing this game ...every day another pretty cool ..user created level appears..pretty good stuff

Freak of Nature3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Yes and perhaps in a whole new LBP 2 game?

1) A shotgun that blew holes in things, 2) A hairdryer that melted stuff, and 3) A gun that sprayed foam. Sounds fun to me,(running around in a LBP like "sandbox game" melting enemies,foaming them to death,throw in puzzle solving and platforming).......LBP is a total gem,creative,stylish,unique.Th ose additions would be welcome for me.

I cannot wait to see/hear what they have cooking for both LBP and or a sequel or for an entire new IP with the same creative sense and style.I love the non generic thinking outside of the box mentality.

dragunrising3530d ago

"So they dropped the tools, built the content editors and focused the gameplay on pushing, pulling and jumping."

Until the MGS4 level pack came out with the paintball gun. Awesome.

Cicinho3530d ago

Am I the only one who never picked it up again after the first run through?

cliffbo3530d ago

christ you must have been busy online if you've played every level!

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Unicron3531d ago

I'd like to see them add more interactive objects, especially powerups or enemy types (evil sackboys!). The game has such a great foundation, they could do so much more with it.

Jerk1203531d ago

The LittleBigPlanet that never was? Reminds me of the time before this games release.. when people were ready to hail it as Sonys Mario..

What ever happened to that, guys?


mll093530d ago

And Gears of War 2 was supposed to be GOTY and kill off the PS3.


xabmol3531d ago

Just put in in a DLC pack and give it to us for $10 bucks. Oh and a melee weapon too please. 0.<

xabmol3530d ago

Because I would gladly pay for it right now.

The gun from the MGS pack was worth the 5 bucks alone.

How much would you pay for 5 FF7 levels and a Buster Sword for sack boy?

I'd pay 10 bucks for a sword in LBP right now! Megaman Zero, level time, Fu*k yeah!

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