MS Adds Achievement Points to Windows

Tired of being a PC gamer with a low gamerscore? Welp, it looks like Microsoft is going to start giving achievement points to PC games. First up, is Halo 2 Vista.

Designing Achievements for "Halo 2" for Windows Vista

"The Xbox version of "Halo 2" obviously predated the era of the Gamerscore, so this represents one of several compelling reasons to give "Halo 2" another spin. For the team, designing fun and significant rewards in a game that is already well-established was a bit challenging. This was accomplished with the help of the talented staff at Bungie Studios and Hired Gun, with a watchful eye on the latest trends in the gaming community. The achievements were designed with some fundamental goals in mind - keep the game fun, encourage beginners to join our "Halo 2" community, and provide a new challenge with a few tough or interesting achievements for our most dedicated fans."

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Norad64299d ago

PC games will have achievement points now. Yesssssssssssssssssss!!!

DEIx15x84299d ago

Here come the downloads for instant wins and other achievement point hacks!!!

Keyser4298d ago

Great, so all the losers that mod and standby have a reason to ruin my games again. Thanks Bungie...(explicatives)