Valkyrie Profile DS : focus on fights

Because a video is always more meaningful than mere words, I suggest an extract from the first episode Nintendo DS of Valkyrie Profile where is exposed the combat system. Contrary to what was done for Playstation, Square-Enix and Tri-Ace have agreed to take a tactical elements and a 3D isometric view for better match at the capabilities of the console.

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Gue13531d ago

Another great franchise ruined by Square-Enix...

SpoonyRedMage3531d ago

I've never played a Valkyrie Profile game before but this looks great, I love my tactical RPGs. But I fear I may not be able to get it because of all the other releases around then.

kesvalk3530d ago

and since when do valkirie profile dosen't focus on fights? O.o

i remember that the games made such a sucess because of the great battle system (and of course the game had lot's of chars and all of then had a great backstory)

SpoonyRedMage3530d ago

I think it's that the video is concentrated on the combat rather than the other parts of the game.