Rumble on the Walk: GamerNode at the Street Fighter IV Inaugural Tournament in LA

"On Thursday, February 19th, hundreds of Street Fighter fans, gamers, and passers-by found their way to the packed courtyard in front of Universal City Walk's GameStop store in Los Angeles, CA to witness and take part in the company's inaugural "Rumble on the Walk" Street Fighter IV tournament, the first of thousands to be held at stores across the country."

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forthegamergood3531d ago

Eddie's chargin' hiz kickzor.

I wish the UK would have more events like this. We've had shedloads for SFIV, but more for everything would be nice.

italianbreadman3531d ago

This was a great event. Everyone was so into it, and the players were really skilled.

Not to mention the C. Viper girl. Gorgeous.