TeamXbox: Prince of Persia Epilogue DLC Hands-on

TeamXbox writes: "SPOILER ALERT!!! I don't know how loud I can say it. We're newly sensitive to that kind of thing around these TeamXbox parts, but even Ubisoft puts a big warning at the beginning of this Prince of Persia: Epilogue, the first downloadable content to be released for last year's gorgeous action/platformer/adventure from Ubisoft.

Since even just playing the Epilogue will instantly spoil the ending of the game, there's no way I can really write about it without giving away the ending of Prince of Persia. The real ending, not the… see, I'm almost letting stuff out. So let this be your final warning: everything after this paragraph ends will assume that you've played and finished Prince of Persia on the Xbox 360. If you haven't, please go play it now, I don't think you'll be disappointed. But if you have finished it read on, because I'll let you know if this DLC pack is worth the money."

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