Sources confirm Microsoft is buying 3DV Systems

Dean Takahashi writes,

"A report surfaced last week that Microsoft was buying 3DV Systems, a company that makes motion-detection technology, for $35 million. My sources confirm that this is true.

Microsoft and 3DV declined to comment to me last week.

Motion-detection will be big for the future direction of Microsoft, as it reacts to the Nintendo Wii, which revolutionized the game console industry with its motion detection technology."

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PtRoLLFacE3557d ago

well that's some good news, i hope we don't have to wait til the next generation to see that technology in action

silverchode3557d ago

i hope they take their not and not rush it and fvck it up.

thats_just_prime3557d ago

I hope they only imply this to window and pc apps and not ruin gaming with more motion controll crap

gaffyh3557d ago

This is like spitting in ACES and Ensemble Studio's face.

Sonyslave33557d ago

the vid look awesome if ms can get this thing ready this year wii look like it in trouble.

Zeus Lee3557d ago

Microsoft copying Sony and Nintendo again,what's new.

SpoonyRedMage3557d ago

I agree but it's just a coincidence Sony did it first as they copied Nintendo.;)

nightelfmohawk3557d ago

Hmm, maybe Microsoft will name their next console "Snow Leopard."


cryymoar3557d ago

is the first console camera system that can perceive in 3 Dimensions as opposed to just two.

free3sixty3557d ago

Gamers dont care what companys copy if the END product is superb!

Furthermore.. the sixaxis also was not in sonys plan! But after they saw what nintendo makes they threw something with motion control into their pad.. and now??

sixaxis = fail.

Fishy Fingers3557d ago

Without sixaxis you would have fantastic abstract gaming concepts like flow or flower.

Also, i think most people are referring to the Eyetoy, not sixaxis.

SpoonyRedMage3557d ago

Ahh yes it is a bit more like the Eyetoy but the only reason this is being done isn't because of the eyetoy(which I consider a minor success) but because of the Wii.

Fishy Fingers3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

I realise that. It's the same reason Sony are rumoured to be working on a wii type remote. They both want a piece of Nintendo's pie, it's money flavoured.

SpoonyRedMage3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

My question is why do gamers support Sony and MS when they do exactly what Nintendo did except they also go against what they were saying. I think too many people believe Sony and MS and their developers when they say they respect gamers and the "hardcore" when in reality the most important thing is money.

And they are willing to drop their previously established values to get money. The sooner we realise the consumer(us) is being manipulated and exploited by all parties the sooner we'll be able to just enjoy the games.

Sorry, mini-rant there.

One of my friends actually tried claiming that Nintendo copied motion controls from Sony. How wrong can you be?

EDIT: I mean in regards to the Wii and PS3 on that last bit.;)

@V: Lair was apparently horrible and when I play Motorstorm at one of my relatives the motion controls were shocking as well. Not sure about Warhawks.

I think developers are hesitant to make a fully motion controlled game because the Wiimote is regarded as a gimmick and the Wiimote isn't very well suited to rotation if you think about but the other peripherals are better suited and more successful.

but I ask you this:

Why is it a gimmick when Nintendo decide to develop motion controls but when Sony then develops motion controls in response to this it's not?

cryymoar3557d ago

SIXAXIS and Wiimote have two different types of usages.

SIXAXIS was meant to full motion control of a character or object, Wiimote is used to select items from a menu and do minor tasks, one could only aim with the wiimote at any given time, or pitch their bowling ball. SIXAXIS has been used to full driving control on Motorstorm, or complete flying and maneuvering on Warhawk or Lair.

UltimateIdiot9113557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Sony had plans for motion on the PS2 and even had a wand like remote patent for it. It just never saw the day of light.

The big difference between Sixaxis and a Wiimote is that Sixaxis is well has Six axis oppose to Wiimote which only has 3 axis. Thus, giving Sixaxis 1:1 motion and we can see that in games that properly uses the sixaxis. Nintendo on the other hand, is charging consumers more money to add the other 3 axis on to their controller aka WiiMotionPlus.

Also, most games on PS3 gives an option between motion and none, and it's more like an extra button. Gamers have the choice. On the Wii, you don't have much choice between motion and just button for many games. Only few games have the option.

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vmanj3557d ago

MS will definitely b using motion sensing technology in their next console now...for sure

the videoz shown in the earlier article similar to dis one was really cool and gaming would totally b at a new level with dis technology!!!

hopefully they research the hell out of it and release a good product next thing u no u move a certain way and the thing stopz working on u

wut if u can have virtual sex??? tht would b cool in 3D :)))))

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