Worst Foods for Marathon Gaming

Got the midnight munchies? Planning to LAN? Choose the snacks that will make you a gaming superstar without turning you into an obese mockery of yourself.

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iseven3531d ago

om nom nom. i eat whatever i feel like.

StillGray3531d ago

You must be like the Heavy in TF2. SANDVICH!

StillGray3531d ago

I recently turned vegetarian. No more meaty pizzas for me.

Wolfie3531d ago

I'm vegetarian too :-)

btw. I used to love the taste of Cheese-Cheetos

El_Colombiano3531d ago

Oh God, I don't know HOW you guys do it. I give you props, as I can't go a day without eating red meat.

skelter3531d ago

Might I recommend wasabi peanuts instead of cheatos. Way more protein and it's still crunchy.

StillGray3531d ago

Yup, that's what she recommends too!

beavis4play3531d ago

really crunchy and really, really good!

poindat3531d ago

God, I don't remember the last time I've had a late night gaming marathon. I might take some of these suggestions and some more of my own recipes and instant-food and have one tonight.

Spicy foods yay or nay? I know they can help you stay alert, but what of any other effects?

squidyj3531d ago

Generally speaking spicy hotness can regulate hunger. That is to say that eating spicy food can actually reduce your appetite such that you wind up eating less than you otherwise might.

StillGray3531d ago

Makes you drink more water, too. That's always healthy.

beavis4play3531d ago

you just CAN'T marathon game without buffalo wings. or at least i can't. but just medium hot. wings that are too hot are distracting from the on-screen action. and painful on the mouth.

LeonSKennedy4Life3531d ago

I haven't gotten to eat food like that lately...


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The story is too old to be commented.