NowGamer: Skate 2 Review

But there are substantial saving graces. The city, which was pretty damn good in the first place, is much improved, and exploring it is one of Skate 2's greatest pleasures. Just rolling around seeing what you can find, and what tricks and lines you can do on or off what you do find is much more enjoyable than attempting most of the pre-set objectives. It's the new Hall Of Meat though, that really stands out and saves the videogame from being a frustrating missed opportunity. We're almost tempted to suggest buying the game purely and solely to see how badly you can hurt your skater. After all, the meat scoring system and meat objectives offer plentiful depth, probably enough to keep you busy for ten hours or more without even touching the proper skating stuff. But that's maybe going a bit far. Despite its flaws, there is an excellent skating sim here, which so long as you're hardcore enough to endure the unreasonable difficulty spikes, has a great deal of reward and satisfaction to give.

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