PSX Extreme: Coraline Review

PSX Extreme writes: "They say it's one of the best animated movies ever made, and the movie-going audience should reward that effort with big box office results. It's not surprising in the least to see a video game adaptation, and it's even less surprising to find that it falls well short of the quality level on display in the film. Coraline tries to be atmospheric and charming but only succeeds in being bland, drab, repetitive, and for the most part, extraordinarily boring. There isn't anything crucially flawed with this production – despite a few obvious technical drawbacks – but the game simply fails to engage and capture the player. We don't even see fans of the movie and novella getting great entertainment out of this title; there's simply too much in the way of drudgery. We don't expect something like Coraline to hold any resemblance to slam-bang, big-budget action experiences, but we still think video games should be fun. You know, like last year's Kung Fu Panda, for example. But this is just…bleh."

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