370° Shipping Killzone 2 Early currently have Killzone 2 listed as In Stock and in their sales chart and not pre-order chart. Anybody who is interested in a chance to get it early take a look.

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Lucreto3531d ago

It was the same with street fighter but they will be waiting until wednesday to dispatch it.

Lifendz3531d ago

can't chance it. I'm picking mine up first thing Friday the 27th.

jammy_703531d ago

feels good to be geting it from!

best online shop!

Ghoul3531d ago

Allready have the game since 20.2.

in germany KARSTADT is selling it early.

Kickass game im nearly through on hard, best console shooter ive ever played.

Hal Emmerich3531d ago

I've already pre-ordered it from Play, does that mean I'm getting it early!!!???

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NickIni3531d ago

They always do this.

When it's changed to "In Stock" it usually means they've dispatched all pre orders, so they'll arrive on launch day at the latest.

Marcello3531d ago

I preordered my copy in Jan but it hasnt shipped yet, just says thats it been ordered since yesturday and they havent taken the payment from my card yet. Hopefully they will ship it to me on Monday cos sometimes it takes 2 weeks to get to me in the Netherlands :(

N4U3531d ago

that ships have been improved twelve-fold since the days that the Mayflower was still in service. How much would that suck? Ten month shipments FTL!

It would especially suck if the ship containing your product fell off of one of the sides of the earth. BTW, is it 3 sides to the earth, or is it 4 (5?)? Darnit, I always forget the answer to that one :(

crillyconlig3531d ago

but play takes a little longer to get to ulster

PirateThom3531d ago shipped my Sega Mega Drive collection on Wednesday and only got here today, whereas Game ship on Wednesday and I get the game on Thursday. If you want Killzone 2 early, Game is the place to buy.

table3531d ago

their prices are ridiculous. i dunno how they can compete with play or amazon.

Fishy Fingers3531d ago

Really. Every game I've ordered from Play I've recieved the day prior to launch.

mastiffchild3531d ago

I got VC, R2 and MGS4 all a day early from Play but Fallout3 was a week late for some reason and it certainly wasn't so Bethesda could get rid of any of the fekkin bugs was it?

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The story is too old to be commented.