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First Wangan Midnight Trailer for PS3

See the bright headlights of your opponent disappear in your rear view mirror as you blaze through the city at midnight in this upcoming street racing title. (PS3, Wangan Midnight)
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kmega87  +   2819d ago
lol this game looks like hot doodoo
Blasphemy  +   2819d ago
Yeah that trailer was pretty weak.
lil bush  +   2819d ago
not really impressed
Sevir04  +   2819d ago
i think i'll pass
I already hate Need for speed so why would i even want to pick up a japanese rip off...lol!!! this game is utter poo!!!! still it's a game the japs like so to each there own. i certainly wasn't impressed
Siesser  +   2819d ago
Trailer reminds me of Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero
Drew  +   2819d ago
...for pre-rendered BS! =D

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