Nintendo DSi sales surge 169,350% at Amazon

On Thurs., the Nintendo DSi product page disclaimed that the retailer is limiting the number of purchases to three per household.

Amazon has previously imposed limits to popular video game hardware, including the Wii and Wii Fit.

The Nintendo DSi will be sold in Matte Black and Matte Blue SKUs.

Both carry a retail price of $169.99 and will be released on Apr. 5.

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Zeus Lee3554d ago

$169.99 for it?

No thanks,I'd rather get a regular Ds Lite+A game or two for that price.

Snake Raiser3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

When I found this I was like 170,000%!?! 0_0!!!
Holy Sh!t.
Nintendo is printing money.

Do you all think that the DS/PSP should be included in the console wars?
Or do you think that there should be a separate "hand held console war"?

Counter_ACT3554d ago

I hate how that site has every other word in their articles as referal links. Cheap.

Snake Raiser3554d ago

Ya, it is annoying to read

kparks3554d ago

I cant wait to NOT use the 0.3 megapixel camera... wow they over did this one!!! ooooooooo and they even took out the GBA game slot to upgrade this piece of crap to

IzKyD13313554d ago

That's because they can't think for themselves. Half of there news stories are from the Top Sellers List. They're not important enough to get REAL sales numbers

Snake Raiser3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Do you all think that the DS/PSP should be included in the console wars?
Or do you think that there should be a separate "hand held console war"?
At mirror: Hey! I was just asking peoples opinions.
@ colbert: true enough. I guess this gen it does not really matter.

TheColbertinator3554d ago

There use to be handheld wars until the DS started getting too much shovelware and the PSP had no games to offer.Around 2006 is the point in which the handheld wars stopped.Not to mention Sony kept supporting the PS2 instead of the PSP.

kwicksandz3554d ago

The DS came, and massacred the PSP.

Bnet3433554d ago

The PSP pretty much got raped by the DS. I think the war was over a long time ago. Fire Emblem Shadow Sword on DS is amazing. I liked Jean D'Arc on PSP though.

kewlkat0073554d ago

Another Example where "Powerful Hardware + Graphics" doesn't always lead to #1 success.

Nintendo been in the handheld market much longer and have very strong footings..

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mirroredderorrim3554d ago

Nice to know you're all for "peace" amongst people.

Cajun Chicken3554d ago

Are there even any games out in the US that take advantage of the DSi's features?

Can't wait for DSi to turn up in EU (UK) can't wait for people to trade in their old DSes and get a cheap one. Finally, I'll get myself Point Blank DS and Drawn To Life.

Snake Raiser3553d ago

Not really, these are nintendo fanboys who know no other option

SpoonyRedMage3553d ago

Well DQIX has a download shop which I think will only work on the DSi so there's that.

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The story is too old to be commented.