GamerVision: Yakuza 3 Japanese Demo Impressions

The game opens up in downtown Osaka outside of a nightclub where protagonist Kiryu witnesses some women being thrown out of the club. When you go to inspect what's happening, you find there's some kind of gang trouble inside, and you're thrown right into the action. You're not going to know what's really going on, but you can tell from the tone of everyone's voices (acting is pretty good, as expected with this series) who your allies are. There's no tutorials on buttons, but even if you haven't played one of the previous Yakuzas, you'll find combat to be relatively simple.

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Cynical-Gamerzus3583d ago

VERY VERY Impressed (im not that easily impressed).
I downloaded the Trailers from my Jap Account and the Demo:
All I Can say Is WOW
This game is Segs's Answer to GTA4 and guess what?
It destroys it!!!
this game has some amazing visuals that I have not seen compared to GTA4 it looks vivid and lively and lush(not blurry and shieity textures and limited distance GTA4),The engine reminds me of a little Shenmue,Sega Rally,Virtua Fighter,all taken to next gen with Sega's many efforts on PS3 Cell ,it is paying off!!!!

I pray this gets localized in US to go against GTA on xbox360..
It will destroy it in terms of graphics and gameplay interaction as well.
SEGA You have went from a F to a C- ,
Now wheres House of the Dead4 running on the same GPU as PS3??
not to hard to port to PS3!! SEGA!!! SEGA!!!!!! get off your broke Arses make money!!!