Wishing on a Game: Killer Instinct 3

What if Rare finally made Killer Instinct 3? This is what TGR would wish for.

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Zeus Lee3581d ago

It would probably suck ass,just like every other game they've made this gen.

Thank God Microsoft are fir-I mean "restructuring" Rare,it's about time they did something about their $350 Million+ investment.

cain1413581d ago

Rare has made some great games in the past, and even the recent ones were not that bad...

Le Idiotce3581d ago

And Im sick and tired of these fools posting their wishful thinking blogs because they picked the wrong console and they are getting desperate.

There aint ever going to be a Killer Instinct 3, fanboys. Get that in your head.

Nintendo did not sold Killer Instinct Intellectual Property along with Rare when they sold Rare to MS.

Nintendo isnt stupid. The fking game lies with Nintendo. Thats why you will never see another KI on the 360.

Now get over it. The 360 has no games. At best you have to wait a whole year to play one mediocre game, like in 2008 where you fanboys waited a whole year for disappointment of war 2.

cereal_killa3581d ago

"There aint ever going to be a Killer Instinct 3, fanboys. Get that in your head.Nintendo did not sold Killer Instinct Intellectual Property along with Rare when they sold Rare to MS.Nintendo isnt stupid. The fking game lies with Nintendo. Thats why you will never see another KI on the 360."

I thought the only game Nintendo kept was Goldeneye 007 when they sold Rare to M$

cain1413581d ago

I have yet to play the first two Killer Instincts. I assume they were good?

Cajun Chicken3581d ago

I have no idea, I often wonder the same. Never heard of it before I joined N4G, seriously.

dannyhinote_133581d ago

Me either. I couldn't really give a damn one way or another if this game is made.

Sasanova3581d ago

it was a good game but nothing special other then being that old and was a good game at the time. street fighter came back and that will keep the fighting games alive, but i strongly believe it will ruin the genre if they bring it back because not many people know about it, and it will fail in sales

Freak of Nature3581d ago

Actually the game is well known.If done right,it would invite a new era of fighting.Fans of yesteryear and new ones alike.It's never been my most wanted game,but their is a solid fan base.

Rare needs to make ca$h...And I think a fighter and shooter (perfect dark sequel) would give them a better chance.

IMO,I want all platformers from them,stylish quirky act/adv platformers.If the X360 is going to get proper platformers it most probably "could" come from Rare.

In the end their best bet creative and making money wise is to go for the tri fecta,fighter like KI,shooter like PD,and a act/adv platformer like Conker...

Le Idiotce3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Ive played them all in the arcades back in the days. KI2 was fun, not the best fighter around, but definitely fun. I spent a lot of coins on that game.

As for KI3...dream on kids. Nintendo never sold KI franchise along with Rare, which means that the KI franchise is still with Nintendo.

The likelihood of KI3 appearing on the 360 is the same as Halo appearing on the Wii. Which is never.

Finally, there is a reason why you never played KI before. The game is 10 years old and noone ever touched the series because the franchise is considered dead. Killer instinct GOLD sold like crap and was a massive failure.

Quite frankly, on the fighting scene, SF3 and KI GOLD, were utterly destroyed by VF4 and Tekken 3.

Utterly destroyed. It wasnt just them, Mortal Kombat, Clayfighter, Primal rage and many more of these fighting games, were utterly destroyed when the 3d fighters came. There was no reason to keep creating these games because they would utterly fail.

Thats why in 10 years time, not one developer even considered picking up an old franchise.

thats_just_prime3581d ago

Back in the days of 2D fighters KI was one of the big 3 SF and MK being the other 2. Ys KI3 could sell insanely well as it was one of the most beloved 2D fighters ever made. Personal I liked SNK Fighter and MK better but still KI3 be a welcome addition to the 360

Montrealien3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

@Le Idiotce

umm, what the hell are you talking about? You clearly never spent to much time in the arcade (back in the day) as you put it. Rare owns Killer instinct, not nintendo, sheehs you might as well said Midway, they did the arcade box for both KI an KI2.And BtW, killer instinc gold was not even in the arcades, it was KI2 on the N64. Learn your sh*t man.

King of Fighters? Marvel vs Campcom? Darkstalkers? Street Fighter 3 3rd strike? All 2D fighters that still draw a crowd at arcade 2000 here in montreal, long after VF4 cabinets have gone on ebay. There is a reason SF4 is a 2D fighter, 2d Fighters are still the most popular competive fighters around, they where not "uterlly destroyed" as you so poeticly put it.

You should really stick to chasing you're tail and trying to prove why the PS3 is Better then the 360 cause you clearly don't know much about(back in the day), or games in general. Just repeat your routine and go create another, this one is about to lose it's bubbles....again.

olivia3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

i must say i would be upset if that game comes to 360 and not the ps3 because i would never by a 360 no matter how cheap it is .......correct i just finish watching some vids and i would be piss off if this doesn't comes to ps3,all the had to do is put next gen graphics and the game is done...ya the game play was that good

thats_just_prime3581d ago

olivia dude you do know that MS own rare and that only system it could ever come out for is the 360 right ?

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SlamVanderhuge3581d ago

The SNES one was fun, but some things might be better left in the past

italianbreadman3581d ago

I feel like KI was good if you were a Mortal Kombat fan, but had nothing on Street Fighter.

uxo223581d ago

Killer Instinct was really nice, I put down Mortal Kombat when KI came out. I don't know as far as street fighter 4 goes, I'll play it if someone bought it for me. But, classic as it may be, I don't like the hitches the game has between hits. I would be more interested in it, had it been fluid and smooth through out the fight (same way I felt in the past about SF) combos should be salvos not 1,2,3,4etc, you can literally count the hits.

I don't know just a wierd quirk with me vs the street fighter series.

AKNAA3581d ago

Put it this way... If rare were to even just release KI 1 & 2 that is an exact arcade port to the 360, oh-my-gawd! I'd definitly buy it and take my chances with the RROD, with a 5 yrs. warranty(if possible).
I'm sure if they did make KI3 it would be F^%#in'sick!!

cain1413581d ago

Wow... that good?

I wonder if I can find a copy on ebay or something...

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