Games as Art: The Folly of a Fantasy that will Never Be

Braid. Flower. Linger in Shadows. Even Prince of Persia, Valkyria Chronicles, Street Fighter IV, Echochrome and Killzone 2. All of these games-and far too many more-have been called "art." We've all heard someone say that a certain game somehow blurs the line between gaming and art. We've all heard of the games that are nearly indistinguishable from art. Games that are, in fact, actually art.

It seems nearly everyone is pushing the same, tiresome argument. Be they members of the industry-developers, marketers and the self-styled journalists-or the general gaming populace. One week cannot pass without a story hitting N4G declaring the artistic value of one title after another. Games, too many people say, are rapidly becoming a new form of artistic expression.

The whole notion is brimming over with hot-air and bullshit, if you ask me.

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Andrew Wiggin3580d ago

A fantastic article, I don't agree with it, but its points are presented professionally and is clear to understand.

kaironn3580d ago

Don't 100% agree, but you make some very valid points!

agentxricky3580d ago

cool. Don't agree, but cooooool.

Unicron3580d ago

Games are no more or less art than movies and music are. It's "art for the masses" designed to sell.

Raz3580d ago

After all, art was meant to be appreciated; and entertainment certainly counts as appreciation.

I take severe exception to how this guy portrays the art community; especially since the best games employ pretty much the entire spectrum of artists to create a finished product.

Where would games be without artists to draw lush, detailed, far-reaching environments? Or writers to pen snappy, engaging dialogue and immersive storylines? Or voice actors to give life to the characters? Etc, etc.

A moronic article penned by someone who's likely bitter over his own failed writing career.

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The story is too old to be commented.