Can PS3 Survive 10 Years?

"Since the PlayStation 3 arrived in 2006, reports that poor sales would cause failure for the system have always been present. Sony has always been optimistic in the public eye and always claiming that they are "on track" with PS3 sales and calling it part of a "10 year plan". Do they really know what they are doing, or is this just wishful thinking?"

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king dong3502d ago

another blog from thegameraccess! 100+comments guaranteed, filled with all-sorts of nonsense sounding like sony press releases!

DavidMacDougall3502d ago

I say yes!! I'll have the fries with that

SWORDF1SH3502d ago

Enough of the fanboy news and fanboys on N4G.
Gaming journalist have got out of hand and its spreading to the gamers.
Be a real gamer and stop with the hate for rival console.
Both consoles are here to stay so get over it.
Make N4G a gaming site once again and MESSAGE ME to add you to the list to show that you support this message and spread this message.
Go on. Say something nice about your rival console.
People that support it:
Soda Popinsky
La Chance
Sayai jin

Nick2120043502d ago

If you read the article, you would see that it is not hating on a console. Please read an article before you automatically assume things.

Real Gambler3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

How could somebody still doubt that the PS3 will last 10 years... Unless you don't like a product or you really need hits to promote your website, how could you think that a product that has sold 20 millions so far does not have a nice future ahead.

Dang, if tomorrow, a company would make an electric can opener or a toaster that would sell 20 millions in 2 years, NOBODY would never write an article: Can this toaster last 10 years? Does this can opener has a future? Does this product has a hidden feature that will suddenly allow it to open a can twice as fast? Common, all 3 consoles are there to stay. Now, can the PS3 last 10 years? If one console can do it, it's that one. Do you have any doubt yourself? When does those stupid articles will stop??

edgeofblade3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Nick, it's not so much that it is or isn't hating on a console... it's that it's shilling for the company with such blind abandon, it might as well come from Kaz's mouth.

And yes, I'm starting to believe that PS3 is going to have a long life, but it still has a long way to come.

Lifendz3502d ago

I don't even click on the links for these types of stories anymore. It's nonsensical. Both the 360 and the PS3 have done very well. MS and Sony could both go for a 10 year lifespan if they should choose to. PS2 is still selling. You think that won't be the case for PS3 then you're nuts. Especially once that price is at 299.99 or lower.

StayHigh3502d ago

Sony selling 10 million Playstation 3 world wide each year is bad? They basically sold 21 million console compared to the 360 that is 28 Sony can basically catch up if they do another price drop..The article is bias and still don't see the bigger picture..

Sayai jin3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Yes it will last, this is what Sony intended for the PS3. With that said, people need to think of how much technology will change. Better processors, storage devices, memory, sound, video , and less expensive and cheaper blu-ray players. Sony did a great job putting the latest and greatest tech inside the PS3 and dev's have good head room still left for dev'ing for the PS3. The video game industry is a lot different than it was 10 and 15 years ago. Sony dethroned Nintendo as the King of console and paved way for the PS2. The PS2 laumched and continued to dominate the industry with a great game library. I remember I went through 4 PS2 (disc read problems), but still kept on buying one becuase of all the games. By the time that Nintendo's Game Cube and new comer Microsoft's Xbox l launched Sony had and maintained 70% to 76% of the market. Leave MS and Ninty to pick up the rest of the scraps. The Gamecube was fun, but was argued by many as not meeting upo to standards for that generation of consoles. The Xbox was released later so it ha better hardware (Faster processor, memory and, hard drive, but MS was a new comer. This time things are a little diffrent. The Wii is still shocking everyone with it's sales. While not being considered next gen it is beating the pants off of MS and Sony combined as far as sales. The Wii will last for 7 - 10 years, because the people playing this system do not really care about graphics just fun games. While many owners with the other two rival consoles have their respective consoles for next gen graphics, online services, which will grow outdated each year (tech wise). The PS3 will start to appeal to other gamers as the price decreases (let's say 160GB: $300-$359/ 60GB: $299-359), but the same will happen to the Wii (at let's say $159 to $199) and the Xbox360 (at let's say Arcade: $159/ Pro: $229-259/Elite: $299-359. All my opinion on prices. The PS3 is due a price cut, but people have to remember that Sony packed the PS3 full of goodies and the latest tech, so it is a double edged sword when it comes to price drop for the console. One is coming though, I can feel it. The prices for all 3 consoles will continue to decrease over the next few years. We will have to see if people want to have older technology or the newest in 6 to 10 years. One thing for sure all 3 console will are and will continue hold their own this gen.

@Nick212004 - I do not think his comment is based on the article, but a preemptive strike for all the sure to be posted fanboy comment. A lot of people just want unbiased news and discussion. These things are becoming few and far between.

Gamers game, it's just that simple...

BulletToothtony3502d ago

i can't believe that LaChance is in that list. LOL holy crap.. that guy lives to troll..

add me up thou.

And please people don't click on those articles... your curiousity is what keeps fanboyism alive on those websites.. they don't care about games or what console is better.. they care about hits.

One week they attack the ps3 and the next the 360.. all they want is more sponsors to get a bigger check..

We are responsible to stop this brainless articles.

mint royale3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

simple. If demand drops then the ps3 still has many opportunities of price cuts further on in its life when costs of production come down, it will be fine. The same goes for MS who have done brilliantly to gain marketshare this gen and especially for nintendo who have reclaimed their crown as the king of gaming. All 3 are doing well, if you don't like a console then fine but the amount of trolls on here who spell doom and gloom for a console are just wasting their lives as no console is in a doom and gloom situation.

Its laughable as the gaming industry and gamers themselves appear to be their own worst enemy. Surely for the good of the industry we need healthy competitors so what is this article trying to achieve? Negative press? Great... well done... Games journalists like these are just failed journalists who are pissed off and take it out in childish ways it achieves nothing.

Why must we as gamers hate a rivaling piece of machinery? Its sad. The wii gets hated on alot but to me all it has done is expand the industry. What right do male teen nerds have to boycott companies who decide make games for new demographics such as girls? Its pathetic. I support all 3 consoles and hope for a healthy industry because that is the way we will continue seeing original games for reasonable prices.

solidt123502d ago

All I have to say is look at PS1 and PS2. They are both still popular around the world. It wasn't but a few years ago when they stopped support for the PS1 and that say alot since that system came out in 1996, it's 2009 now.

Sayai jin3502d ago

@BulletToothtony- : One week they attack the ps3 and the next the 360.. all they want is more sponsors to get a bigger check.. "

LOL, so true. You are dead on with that comment. Bubbles for you!

Consoldtobots3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

while swordfish' intentions are good I think they are misplaced.The absolute best thing anyone can do to kill the fanboy articles on N4G is NOT CLICK ON THEM. The less views they get the faster they fall off the front page and are soon forgotten. Wanna know how I read the article list on the front page? I look at the source first.

hiphopgamer = trash not worth reading
torrence and his bitbag = more trash not worth reading
gamedaily = ubertrash not worth reading
eurogamer = although a more "pro" site its still trash
christiangamer = this one needs no explanation

thats just off the top of my head, so how about this, instead of a petition to stop these articles from appearing on N4G, (I mean how can you really stop what people submit anyway) how about a BLACKLIST of fanboy sites? I think it would be FAR more effective and kill two birds with one stone. It cleans up N4G and it denies most of the above the hits they come here whoring for.

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Zeus Lee3502d ago

Yep,contrary to what the idiotic American press believes,electronic products can indeed survive a long period of time given a refresh in software and the overall user experience.

Dimitri3502d ago

SONY knows what they're doing ;)

You think they would risk soo much money ??
You must be dumb if you think otherwise.

Cajun Chicken3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Sure it could. 7 or 8 years in primary development and 3 or 4 years once the PS4 (I don't think it'll be called PS4 though) is out.

Lets see, the PS3 has to last at least 3 more years in what I call the 'Insomniac and Naughty Dog scale'. Here is what I consider the first 6 years of first party franchises including the next 2 years:

Year 1 2006; Resistance, Motorstorm
Year 2 2007: Ratchet and Clank Future, Uncharted
Year 3 2008: R2, Motorstorm 2
Year 4 2009: R&C F: 2, Uncharted 2, GoWIII (possibly early 2010, End of trilogy), Infamous.
Year 5 2010: R3 (End of trilogy) Motorstorm 3, Syphon Filter PS3, Team Ico Game, Studio Liverpool game, Studio Cambridge game
Year 6 2011: R&C F: 3 (end of trilogy), Uncharted 3 (Possible end of trilogy or...Jak 4), Infamous 2/Sly 4

My theory is that ND and Insomniac will shift onto development to the PS4 during their last PS3 titles and then all others will slowly follow as what happened with the PSone and PS2.
Completely possible.

Sheddi3502d ago

I completely agree.
That's what I think too.

Max Power3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

ditch the number successors of Playstations? that is their thing, no other system has numbered consoles so its unique. What do you think kind of names would Sony come up with for the fourth PS? nice list by they way, but i don't see Uncharted ending after three, because there isn't a continuous story line being continued only a new adventure looking for a lost treasure, that game can keep going until those story arcs are dried up, even then they create some to keep it going. And i also don't think Sucker Punch would be able to produce two games (Sly 4 and InFamous 2 for the same year) just my opinion.

Cajun Chicken3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Because PS4 is too near to the whole PS9 advert thing if you'd ever seen it. I expect Playstation 'something' but not just a consectutive number.
Just a little bit of rebranding, you know how stupid the press has reacted towards the PS3 this year, could do with a slight rebranding if you ask me.

Uncharted COULD go on, but we all know that ND move on after a trilogy, maybe Uncharted'll have a crazy bonus game like CTR or JakX, but I think ND'll move onto other things. Besides, its healthy for them.

I personally want ND to take a break with Uncharted after U2 and make a new Jak, because the PS2 audience'll and kids will be able to afford a PS3 by then after playing the PS2 Jaks. Then like R&C:F, you could have a new trilogy of Jak. After all, ND left the PS2 in 2005 with JakX and started making 'Big' (Uncharted). Then I think Santa Monica will suprise us again with a new series 'ala GoW near the end of PS2.

Also, the '/' between the game titles mean they'll make either of those games.

I quite like the name 'PS:Tetra' (Four in Greek) or PS:Q (For Quad) besides, 'Q' triggers curiosity and has the same syllables as 'PS2' as 'PS3' has the same as 'PSP'.