Bit-tech: Street Fighter IV Review

The learning curve isn't helped by AI that blatantly cheats either. The last boss in the Arcade Mode will often unleash streaks of Street Fighter IVunblockable moves, even on the easiest difficulty, while other combatants will just spam the same throw or special move on you until you're dead. Bit-tech knows that it's technically fair, but when Abel just keeps doing the same whirlwind throw on you until you pass out then the game just stops being fun.

For those people then, that's as deep as the game needs to go too; it can all to easily stop being fun and Capcom's retro approach makes it feel that the developers aren't really all that interested in making it easier for you. More than once it struck them that, if their gaming interests were further on the casual end of the spectrum and they'd bought Street Fighter for some quick button-bashing fun, then they'd have turned the game off long ago.

That criticism also works the other way around though. Multiplayer madmen and Street Fighter fanatics will likely feel the reverse thanks to the game's severe, solid multiplayer system and the fantastic match-finding system. Either way though, we reckon it's worth deciding what you want from the game before you buy it and you should be aware that Street Fighter IV is basically a remake and therefore doesn't offer anything fundamentally new.

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Satanas3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Looks like Bit Tech couldn't get past Seth on Easiest. Probably broke their controllers/sticks in anger too.

LightofDarkness3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

They have a problem with the difficulty? It doesn't matter if Seth's attacks are cheap, I still whipped him from one side of the arena to the other on my first try on medium difficulty (Ryu of course). These guys just suck at Street Fighter. Got my Hori stick today too... oh the joy...

EDIT: and Abel's actually a very deep and interesting character. He feels more SNK style than Capcom. I know the comment refers to his AI, but he's a solid character that makes up for the other lackluster additions to the roster.