Dirt 2: Multiple DLC packs planned

Codemasters has revealed to CVG plans to release multiple DLC packs for Colin McRae: Dirt 2 shortly after the game's release.

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DelbertGrady3502d ago

Shortly after the game's release...

"We have plans to launch a number of small DLC packs soon after launch which players can use to personalise and augment the boxed game."

Translation: "We have plans to save some of the code and sell it as a couple of small DLC packs (not one big) because we like ripping off our loyal fanbase."

Thanks for spitting gamers in the face, Codemasters.

Violater3502d ago

I cannot understand why publishers and developers see paid DLC as an incentive for consumers to buy their games.
Yea you are in a sense supporting the game after release but we already paid $60 for your game why should be pay more?

Ofai3502d ago

Its getting out of hand this DLC business at launch. In the UK we see DLC on xbox live before the game is released at times.