Killzone 2 - Hands-On: OXCGN gets down & dirty at Sydney Pre-release gig

OXCGN: "Thanks to GameSpot AU (Ed: a big thank you to Rebecca Rice from SCEE Aust), XboxOZ360 and myself were treated to admission to an exclusive Sony Playstation event down at MCM Studio located at The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, for the days' main attraction: Killzone 2(KZ2).

Single player and multiplayer were both on show connected to Sony Bravias that were located all around the room.

On top of all this was one special PS3 hooked up to the projector at the front, so no matter where you went there was a lot of Killzone 2 to enjoy!"

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pwnsause3502d ago

you know killzone 2 is amazing when an Xbox fansite states they love this game and that they're going to pick it up on launch day.

sonarus3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Any fanboys want to cry...i'm thirsty for yummy tears

MURKERR3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

have given glowing reviews of mgs4, uncharted etc before, 360 is just their speciality,he even states his picking this game up so he has a ps3 at home OXCGN is just his job he is true gamer simple as that

TheExecutive3502d ago

6 days left... this wait is killing me!

XboxOZ3603502d ago

it was a great mornings entertainment, and before anybody goes off, yes, we are an xbox site, but we are "gamers" and love games . . we simply choose the xbox as our platform of choice. But that does not stop us from enjoying what gaming has to offer.

Great game, excellent day.

So stay tuned for the full review of the game once it is released, and a little note to Aussie readers, you get the game a full ONE day earlier than the rest of the world, so kudos to you guys, great stuff. (came directly from the producers lips btw)

sonarus3502d ago

The slippery aim is a bit of an issue but i got used to it during the beta. It will be an annoyance for gamers coming off games like COD4 with the quick L1 lock on aim but i didn't play COD4 much so it wasn't much of a barrier for me.

GrathiusXR3502d ago

Yeah sonarus i myself have played your COD4, COD:WaW, Halo3, FarCry 2, F.E.A.R2 so to come from those games to Killzone 2 the aiming and movement was awkward as i have written in the article.

But like i said nothign a good few hours won't fix up.. but ultimately it may not be enough for others to get used to.

As i knwo heaps of People play Cod 4 and 5 so it will be an annoyance to them i believe.

sonarus3502d ago

I was just playing Fear 2 and i fvkin hate the aiming lol. I think i am fully adjusted to the KZ2 controls. The real issue with the KZ2 aiming is the acceleration. Most games aim with constant speed KZ2 uses acceleration and the acceleration has no middle ground. You either accelerate slow or fast no medium acceleration so its hard to do fine adjustments with the aiming.

mastiffchild3502d ago

Nice to see some 360 specialists with no axes to grind-kudos to you being so magnagimous(I can't come out to shake your hands though as the flies and flying nasties in your dusty country nearly killed me last time!).
Couldn't agree less about the aiming in Killzone2 though. While I love COD4(but not particulary the expansion pack called WaW)I really think the aiming in GG's opus shooter is more weighty and realistic. COD4:MW almost feels like they tried to emulate the way a keyboard/mouse set up aims but on a pad and it ends up floaty and reminiscent of PC twitch shooters at times. Horses for courses I guess but wouldn't you hate it if all shooters controlled the same? Also , I'm nearly certain that if Killzone2 had gone for a system very close to COD's then they would have found the COD in space criticisms raining down from all angles.
But, whatever, it's great to see real, true gamers even on a console specific site so well done and I'm glad you both had such a hoot;)

GrathiusXR3502d ago

Yeah true words mate..

But like other gamers coming off the other shooters then moving onto KZ2 will be quite different.. some like yourself may argue that KZ2 is the more realistic feel whilst other will say Cod 4 and such.

Regardless it is each to their own in terms of what they prefer.. If i had more time to play KZ2 at the event i would of gotten used to the way it handled but alas will have to wait for release this week...

I was watching others play the game and everyone else in the room was from the Australian Playstation Forums.. so they would have played the demo day in and day out.. and they were still struggling to shoot as well..

So i guess it's just time and patience you need to put in to get the gist of it all.

gaminoz3502d ago

Yeah I've played the demo and it did feel strange, though not terribly so. I do still prefer the COD 'feel'.

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Why o why3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

as always, kudos

Godem3502d ago

Awesome! I can't wait for this!

I wonder how much those people get payed to dress up as game characters?

RocknRolla3502d ago

haha i wonder how much as well.. would be awesome fun though to be dressed up as a Helghast :P.. walk around all menacing like that..

Kudos to OXCGN for yet another great and honest write up on another Sony Exclusive lot's of love to be shared :)

XboxOZ3603502d ago

Not enough mate. That gun was ultra heavy, seriously heavy, and he/she stood for a solid 2.5 hrs, not resting or sitting anywhere, and relatively motionless most of the time. Apparently they couldn't see out the googles and there was a person leading them around.

The suit had a special breathing system to allow cool, fresh air to get it, which actually worked. So I don't think they get paid enough . . .

RocknRolla3502d ago

ohh trough job then it seems... but i guess the guy gets all awesome pictures with the gaming fans so that's a bonus...

i can imagine how stuffy and uncomfortable he would get without resting and such... poor guy. hope he walked away with a free copy of KZ2 at least.

mastiffchild3502d ago

I can tell you that when I did it between jobs(sometimes dressed up for games, sometimes to hand out film flyers/bumf, sometimes to give out Haribo freebies etc-I did actually dress up as a very skinny looking Master Chief for Halo2 back in the day too!)for a few summers between 03 and 07 off and on I used to get £50 for about 6 hours of it-if that helps you!
Worst one was in July in the middle of London, red hot anmd in a Honey Monster costume-I mist have smelled like someones sack! Must have lost loads of water as well.

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Juevani3502d ago

i like the fact that u guys preview this game as gamers and not as a site who choose their path ;) kudos for that.. by the way I envy u bastards for getting the chance to attende at things like that, why doesnt anything like that happen in EU??

God bless

GrathiusXR3502d ago

Thanks for the kind words mate appreciate it..

As Oz has stated time again we are gamers and appreciate any good title on another console.. give credit where credit is due.

GG have worked hard on this game for the past 4-5 years that's astonishing and to deliver a game of this caliber is truly phenomenal.

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