Top Five Guns of Killzone 2 (720p Footage)

Guns, you can expect them to be an important part of an FPS, and Killzone 2 is no different.

GamersDigest have compiled what they believe to be the top five guns in the game, along with 720p HD footage to go with their list.

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RedMist113554d ago

Pretty cool, the electricity gun is wicked!

Cronnie3554d ago

Yeah, it is good fun to use :)

will113554d ago

This game looks just as bad as Halo Wars... Press Agree

kparks3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

UM are the game developers to stupid to realize that the WINDAGE ADJUSTMENT goes on the other side of the scope WTF COD4 COD5 killzone2 farcry2 LOL how do you keep getting that wrong its really annoying AND OBVIOUS

bviperz3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Not all scopes have the adjuster on the right side. Some scopes have them on the left. Check it:

kparks3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

thats not a sniper scope tho... only sniper scopes thanks for your time in looking up that pic tho.. and you can get left handed windage nobs but thats not standard and also hard to find and it seams like it would be more work to add the nob in the game anyway so why not take it out

Bathyj3553d ago

Maybe its because in shooters you always see the left side of the gun and you wouldn't see the scope adjustment at all otherwise.

Anyway, talk about being pedantic.

Elimin83553d ago

Those Helgans own some sweet weapon...

kparks3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Well i it would not be there in real life so why do i need to see it in the game just take it out it is something that i looked past when i first noticed it but now its just REDUNDANT and gets all my nerves!!!

I KNOW BIG WORDS PEDANTIC that really caught me off guard :)

Bathyj3552d ago

Your perspicacity has verisimilitude about it.

Certainly your vocabulary has an eloquence to it, that no doubt we could discourse in jubilation about a plethora of topics and their implications in contemporary society.

Volumes and tomes could be written on such bantering and we would all be considerably enlightened for the experience.


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pimp6143554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )


arkalos133554d ago

how many guns does killzone have?. i remember them saying theres not that much but their all good

SAiOSiN3554d ago

15+ guns.
Do you unlock the sniper at rank 15 online?

uxo223554d ago

I hope that guy was playing on the easy setting. Because they way he was just walking out and taking people down as if he was in god mode want not good.

He should have never been able to that three shots a a guy while being peppered and never go down. Like I said hopefully that was easy mode and not the way the game plays normally.

Great looking game though.

I think the bolt guns was the best one.

cantfindaname083554d ago

If you have not then i suggest you go do that. The A.I is very solid. To Kparks, why do you think you are smarter than COD4, COD5, K2, Farcry 2 developers? Maybe you are wrong. If not, prove it.

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The story is too old to be commented.