Singularity - Unravel Trailer

Here's the new trailer for Singularity published by Activision.

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NDN_Shadow3557d ago

The story also seems like it could be intriguing judging of the trailer.

yanikins1113557d ago

wow... colour me semi-impressed

RyuStrife3557d ago

Crysis meets Call of Duty MW

supahbad3557d ago

looks pretty interesting hope its not another dark sector

CBaoth3557d ago

This and the fact Activision actually greenlighted an original IP gives me optimism this will be a good game. I know the glove according to GI has 4 powers that are upgradeable - was hoping to see the rapid age advancement on a soldier in the trailer (think Indiana Jones and the goon that drank from the wrong holy grail in the Last Crusade).