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xabmol3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Can Not Frickin' Wait For This Game.

Open world platformer + Sucker Punch = many happy gamers :]

Agent VX3504d ago

I don't know, could just be me, but this game doesn't look very interesting. Graphic wise, it look decent, but the gameplay looks flat out boring. I think it will be neat for the first 15 minutes, and then the interest level will fall flat.

I really doubt this game will score great or sell good.

NickIni3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Why am I not surprised Agent? Everything on the PS3 is bad to you.

I could understand a comment about gameplay looking on a different game, such as LBP or something, but this looks incredibly intense.

Sevir043504d ago

In any case if it doesn't look interesting, you could skip it. No one's telling you to buy it. not even Sony, as I'm sure you'll like prototype more. but we really should be surprised to find you telling the world how the PS3 games just dont interest you. YOU are an xbox Fanboy so i guess thats fine. Stay in your own threads. I heard halo wars was getting pretty decent reviews so it should be a game you should be paying plenty of interest to.

pippoppow3504d ago

Will definitely be buying this game. Anyone interested in a good superhero game should be at least interested in this one. This looks much better than Prototype which seems to be more of an action arcade type game. Infamous is another top quality exclusive only playable on the PS3.

ThanatosDMC3504d ago

No, i gotta agree... i didnt see anything worth my while... but maybe it's just me?

They need to give us something to dazzle our eyes. Guess, i played a ton of games with free roam. Spiderman, GTA, etc.

original seed3504d ago

Looks like the gameplay will fall flat on its face. You stand back and zap your way through town. Maybe a rent. Instead i think i'll get Prototype.

solidt123504d ago

Yes Prototype will be incredible but this game will be great also. Both are a must buy for me. More than one open world game can exist at one time.

badz1493503d ago

what ever makes you happy! are you done yet? if so, then please go and troll somewhere else! there are others who are enjoying this and planning on buying it! I'm 1 of them!

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LarVanian3504d ago

I saw this trailer weeks and weeks ago.
Still looks awesome though. Hope it comes in late April or at least early May.

nix3504d ago

sigh.. i don't see anything new. where's the first boss they said they were going to reveal? anyway.. i am buying this.

Dipso3504d ago

Gametrailers uploaded the wrong video under that title. Watch gametrailersTV and you will see the new trailer and footage. Very nice.

inFAMOUS_KRATOS3504d ago

hey to you guys thas it look better then PROTOTYPE?..TO ME IT does, the graphics on infamous reminds me of the texture on warhawk but realistic really solid!! the prototype grahpics in my eyes are not as good as it!!

TenSteps3504d ago

Unlike Prototype or GTA which I feel are games that focus on creating mayhem, Infamous with it's building climbing, train riding, and lightning gliding makes me not only want to cause mayhem with my lightning bombs but it makes me want to explore the city.

That is why I'm looking forward to inFAMOUS

ULTIMATE_REVENGE3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

CRAP! move along ---->

OmarJA3504d ago

Oh dear, another jealous x-tard...

can't blame them, after the flop fest they had this month.

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