The Playstation3 Guys: Noby Noby Boy- A "Review"

Noby Noby Boy finally hit the PSN this Thursday as part of Sony's "Spring Fever" campaign on the PSN. Some of you might have been wondering exactly WHAT the game is about. Wonder no more. Our very own 'Stormtrance' Matt bought the title and has written his very own "review". Warning though: Matt doesn't hold back and doesn't care if you agree or disagree with his review(s). So what does he have to say about Noby Noby Boy? Read on to find out...and let's just ain't pretty.

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OGharryjoysticks3557d ago

Just because he doesn't understand it doesn't mean it sucks. But saying the game is like a trip on drugs isn't that far off. Anyway, it's definetely worth the 5 bucks.

ThePlaystation3guy3557d ago

Too Harsh? Maybe.

Hilarious? Totally!