X-Play On Set: Street Fighter IV Discussion

Check it out as X-Play's resident Street Fighter Matt Keil joins Adam On Set to talk about the release of Street Fighter IV, the game's intense online action and more!

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Keowrath3580d ago

Hmmm, from my own experience I've fought a few Kens, a few Ryus but people are branching out into other players.

Ryu and Ken are easy to pick up and start with and a lot of people have played 1, 2, 3, Zero and all other itterations using these characters. The game has just come out so I wouldn't expect a ton of Gouken, Viper or Abel characters. Give the game a bit and allow players to get to grips with other characters. Sure I imagine we'll mainly see Ryu and Ken but I think as time goes by and people become more comfortable with some of the other characters we'll see a larger variety.

Can anyone tell me if you can play against other regions? I have people on my friends list from the US who don't appear in the ranking screen but all friends from EU are there.