Who's bad? Whoever buys Michael Jackson's arcade collection!

JC Fletcher: Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch has been foreclosed, and everything in it is being auctioned off. That includes the deposed King of Pop's rather massive arcade game collection. If you were wondering where all the arcades in the US went, now you know: Michael Jackson's house.

The collection includes somewhere in the area of one hundred video game machines, including store demo units of game consoles from the Genesis up to the Dreamcast, and dedicated arcade units including a Guitar Freaks unit, Sega's impressive R-360 machine and Galaxy Force II. In fact, the collection seems rather Sega-heavy, which is no surprise since Jackson was, himself, the star of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (whose arcade machine is not part of the auction!) and a guest star in Space Channel 5.

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Sasanova3581d ago

is this the original MJ video game? that game was the bomb!!!!!!

Heldrasil3580d ago

Yes, indeed it was!!!! I think it was based on the original "TMNT" arcade game engine...maybe even the old Simpsons arcade game too.

komp3580d ago

I bet he never BEAT IT
The game doesnt look like much of a Thriller
the list is endless.....

hotrider123580d ago

MJ still king of pop besides you cant get rid of him in spirit every hip hop artist dances like him. so you may not see him on stage but you can see him in the form of justin timberlake and others.

mmike8553579d ago

Michael Jackson wrote the music score for Sonic 3, too.

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