Xbox 360, a Glimpse into the Future

Recently there's been a lot of talk about Microsoft picking up 3DV systems. This would be implemented onto their future console known as of now, the Xbox 720. If rumors are true, Microsoft's next console will utilize motion sensing in a true next-generation way. Hell, maybe it can even surpass the Wii with its outstanding motion controls.

There is also two videos to watch.

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SonySoldierEternaL3582d ago

keep it up Bots

Competition is good

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3582d ago

Competition from Micro$oft isn't!!! ;-D
The old days where better with just Sony, Nintendo and Sega...

xBox 360, a Glimpse into the Future is - More Price cuts!!! ;-D

AngryTypingGuy3582d ago

What's wrong Ken, upset that Sony is no longer the dominant force that it was when it was Sony, Nintendo and Sega as the big 3?

blackbeld3582d ago

Agree they should buy more exclusive.... Cause they're future looks not so bright.. :(

Deadman643582d ago

That is exactly why sir ken is upset, and devotes what little life he has to a console war. Pathetic.

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Obama3582d ago

It has no future. It had a good run though. Rest in peace.

NaiNaiNai3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

just like your presidency will be in office



yep after halo ODST, Star ocean, no exclusives worth buying, however i will still buy 3rd party devs on 360 since theres no difference between the ps3 and 360 versions, and achievements are much better then trophys, SO idk care if the 360 is dead, ill just land a 720 if it ever comes out, you know, like GT5.

Obama3582d ago

so you admit that it has no future? good.

Why dis3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Why does this loser always cry and bi*ch about the 360?

PS3 only owners are so pathetic.

Only a fucin idiot would make such claims blindly supporting a console in last place.

LOoks like this troll is corn feed with attention and bubbles.

Change that avatar dude Obama has an hard enough time fighting his opposition he doesn't need his supporters hating him lol.

NaiNaiNai3582d ago

why dis, actually i support the ps3, how ever, i do not support it blindly, same for the 360. i know when a games bad on it, and i know when to admit it, how ever people like "obama" *not representing his name right* are pathetic fanboys who can't even tell the difference between fake and real news. even if it had "FAKE" in the title.

Graphics Whore3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Why do you even acknowledge Why Dis as a person, he has the whit and intelligence of a DoDo Bird.

Why Dis - why do you keep insisting that you own a PS3. Every one here knows you don't so why don't you save us and yourself a lot of time by not bringing it up.

Firstkn1ghT3582d ago

I see Graphics Whore is still acting like a lil whiny girl. A dodo bird? Wow. You must be 8 years old.

Graphics Whore3582d ago

Oh first knight, I see you came to defend your boyfriend.

Firstkn1ghT3582d ago

Haha, so predictable. You are 8.

n to the b3582d ago

'Why do you even acknowledge Why Dis as a person'

and then Graphics Whore goes on to acknowledge Why Dis by speaking directly to him/her in the same comment?!

oh well, u and Obama r actually ok compared to the likes of Sir_Ken.

PR3DAT0R3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

If "Graphics Whore" is 8 you must be 6 as i sense your intellect fails to surpass his, but in reality i would rate intellect and intelligence in general with IQ not age, as it does not create accurate results as u very well pointed out, plus his comment just before your last did kinda "pwn" you if i may say so myself.

If Xbox does make a console in the fairly close future, i should hope it is properly tested for serious hardware flaws so nothing negative can be said about the 360. i would also like people to stop bashing consoles, all they try to do is make people happy and to generate retinue, although ps3 sells its console at a loss.

i hope i have cleared a lot of smoke in this article although i could type so much more, i have other business to attend to.

1ikedamaster3581d ago

I'm with Why Dis and Firstknight.

PR3DAT0R3579d ago

Predictable, xbox fanboys are on the losing side in terms of what is a "better" console, a good console is not always the one selling the best so i don't know why people care about sales especially when in a recession. In my opinion the "better" console is the one that delivers more on a count of value for example, PS3 is basically a ps1,ps2,dvd player,cd player,blu-ray player,pc(with linux well kinda),a virtual reality chat world (home),a shop (PS Store) and a internet browser, i know more but they are not really as important as those i stated.

For £290 you can purchase all of that in one package, 360 also has los of features but not as much a PS3. Please feel free to create a xbox one at your own will.

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