QJ How-To #2: What you need to get homebrew running on your PSP "What have we (re)learned so far in the QJ Homebrew series? First we had the definition of terms, then the identification of specs for each PSP model. And then we gave you the Firmware Database. See where the flow is going?

Right. The next step then is to line up the things you'll need to get your PSP to run sweet, sweet homebrew. And that's exactly what we have here for you in this issue of QJ's How-To series: What you need to get homebrew running on your PSP."

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ThanatosDMC3560d ago

First of all, i never knew how to approve a story. I just know how to report them. Could somebody enlighten me?

Anyway, i really want a slim (PSP-2000) that's "hackable" but all i can find now are PSP-3000 and im trying not to settle with the red PSP slim (God of War bundle). Ebay is a rip off. I want slim for it's TV out and hackable for MHP2G with english patch.

wazzim3560d ago

MH is coming this spring to the west.

ThanatosDMC3559d ago

I hope they find a way to transfer my MHP2G save to MHU.

Microsoft_Spokesman3560d ago

If anyone doesn't have a hacked PSP and calls him self a hard core gamer then you fail!