X-Play:Star Ocean: The Last Hope Review

Star Ocean fans certainly aren't starving for games to play, what with the near-constant development and release of new games in the series. X-Play has the review of the newest, Star Ocean: The Last Hope for the XBox 360. Take a look at the review and let us know what you think.

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Homicide3503d ago

The sexual innuendo sold me the game.

NaiNaiNai3503d ago

lol, i saw pretty funny parts in early cutscenes. so im glad to see its not just all gameplay. XD

DelbertGrady3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Edge Maverick. It used to be my porn name.

The graphics look sick in that video. I'm usually all for western rpgs nowadays but I think I'll give this a shot.

Bnet3433503d ago

My gosh, this game looks great, I might actually pick this up. I would like a demo at least to try out the battle system but this game really looks superb and tri-Ace finally got it right.

SaiyanFury3503d ago

I'm waiting for the PS3 version. Since neither MS nor S-E confirmed it vocally as a 360 exclusive, I'll wait for it on PS3. If it never comes to the Sony platform, then I'll get it on 360. And believe me if it was a true 360 exclusive MS would tout it very highly that they would have it on their platform. S-E said "no PS3 version is planned" for SO4. Namco-Bandai said the same thing when Eternal Sonata was released on 360. Yet here I am enjoying it on my PS3. When S-E states that there will NEVER be a PS3 version, then I'll acknowledge it as a 360 exclusive.

GameGambits3503d ago

It's crazy to see this get a 4/5 especially with Adam's recent upset with SE over the FF13 trailer and him saying they haven't brought a game that's good to this console generation yet lol.

Glad to see this leaning towards the best JRPG put out this console generation us people in the west have gotten to touch. I'm still thinking White Knight Chronicles or Demon's Souls could be a step above this for bestest JRPG this gen. :P

Solidsnakex233503d ago

I cant wait to get this game. I know that the voice overs were always horrible... and that the story on most of the games weren't that great either... BUT I love the battle system

Veneno3502d ago

That Xbox 360 owners now have something to spend their money on besides generic shooters and Master Chief action dolls?

-this game does look fun though.

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geda3503d ago

lol, gosh how i wish i could play this 8/10 game! D;

II Necroplasm II3503d ago

You must since you are looking at the review.

Eiffel3503d ago

I fail to see how a rate of numbers compare a game to great or crap.

Only morons follow reviews to see if a game sucks or not. Because even the people who review the game are human and have different tastes.

Hiruma Youchi3503d ago

"lol, gosh how i wish i could play this 8/10 game! D;"

Motostorm 2 is pretty much a 8/10 overall in all the reviews.

nobody stopped you from playing it.

OmarJA3503d ago

Thank you for stating the obvious, here let me clear it for you:

Flops only on 3fixme xbots :)

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Eiffel3503d ago


I may purchase this.

Ichiryoka3503d ago

This is a must buy for anyone who loves rpgs. How can you go wrong with the exploring...and the sexual innuendoes

Eiffel3503d ago

I'm pretty paranoid when it comes to buying games its my sickness I guess. I need to know a large sum about it in order to decide. Putting down $60 without thought like most do at Gamestop is something I can't risk.

Hell I did a lot of research on Fallout 3 before I even bought it. Even though after playing it my worries quickly shattered. I take reviews as seriously as I do when CNN drops another bomb shell on a news report.

Just another persons opinion taken larger than it should be.

Ichiryoka3503d ago

5 people diagreed with me, either they don't like alot of exploration in their rpgs, or they don't like things that are related to sex. Sooo by me stating that I love the game and what features I like about it, I get disagrees, what the deuce are you disagreeing aboutm, heck I bet the people who disagreed don't even know.

buy a ps33503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

jrpg really haven't really been able to move into the "next-gen" yet. thankfully this game got a better score then some of the other JRPGs recently. hopefully White Night or ff13 will will be able to step it up and save the genera.

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thats_just_prime3503d ago

This was a really piss poor review if you ask me. It didnt talk about the grphics at all. It also said nothing about how smoothly the games run if there are any frame rate issues or not. Maybe there was no need to bring this up but I would of like to known about the loading times and the encounter rate. JRPGs that have really high encounter rate ae very annoying to say the least.

Still the game looks good and I plan on getting it

buy a ps33503d ago

they didn't talk about it because their isn't a problem with the frame rate. G4 is one of the only review sites/shows that have maintained my trust.

NaiNaiNai3503d ago

god, why do people care about graphics, you want graphics go stand out side, go skate boarding, do something like that why, ITS REAL. its a game its no always supposed to look fancy smancy. ICO didn't same for SoTC but no one cared then. how about LBP and its 720P you guys didn't care. so stop with the stupid and contradicing, why nothing on the graphics. blah blah, the game still looks good, if it looks good WTF is the point in you wanting to know what someone else things of the graphics.

thats_just_prime3503d ago

Nia if we didnt care about the graphic none of use would own a 360 or a ps3. Plus there is more to graphics then just how it looks. Plus if you look at almost any other major reviewer they will break the game down into sub points Graphics being one. Other are normally sound, gameplay, reply (how long it last) then give you an over all score

Buy if there was nothing wrong with the frame rate they should say so. I wasnt implying that there is anythign at all wrong with the game only that these are topics that should be covered in a review.

kewlkat0073503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Is that why Arcade games/user created games on PSN and XBL Doesn't sell?

Is that why close to 50 million gamers bought a Wii?

what about a Ds and PSP still selling? they sure don't prove PS3/360 type graphical experience.

What about the greatest jrpgs some have played, were not the best looking games?

Graphics may get your attention but who wants to trudge through a boring jrpg for 50+ hours. By that time, your so over the graphics, hoping the story develops and other important elements in rpgs.

JRPG's don't have to look super, well that's why we have

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