Mass Effect 2 Dev: "Hang on to your Mass Effect 1 saves"

Jack Lamden, Quality Assurance at Bioware, has responded to a user's question about whether Bioware has decided to back down from their initial claim that you would be able to transfer your Mass Effect 1 save data to the second game. His response: "Hang on to your Mass Effect 1 saves."

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lord_of_balrogs3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

MS published the original ME, if by some off chance the PS3 gets a port, they will get a gimped version because they won't have the saved data transfer. Furthermore, this story is a trilogy with an integrated arc, its not a standalone story with each installment. Do you really want an incomplete story?

"This could be the same thing they did to Nihlus, but reversed. Instead of building up his character then letting him die very early. They could do the same thing with Shepard, make him seem like he is dead in the beginning of the game, and play as a different character, but later he is alive. " -random theory from the Bioware forums

I like this theory, it would make for sure a shocking plot twist. We start the game by customising a new character only to find our saved file Sherpherd still alive. We retake control of Shepherd which looks like our saved file version and the character we customized could become a new companion.

Lol, at least they got the channels right this time.

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Unicron3503d ago

MGS4 is a heavily intertwined story based on no less than SIX previous titles. Yet I still hear claims of a port.

Until I see proof one way or another, I'm not going to argue over the ME situation.

sunnygrg3503d ago

I would, but with my limited 20GB hard drive, the game save is long gone.


So, the only people not getting gimped versions are people that fill both requirements:

A) Have Mass Effect 1.
B) Still have the save game.

Right... So 360 and PC shouldn't get any new sales from ME2 too, since those that don't own ME1 would get a gimped version, they would have it incomplete.

Actually, by your logic, people should avoid the gimped version of this game even if they have ME1 but don't have the save game anymore and don't want to replay it, so ME2 should just sell even less than ME1.

The only thing gimped here is your head...

And don't even try the "but people can get ME1 on PC and 360 right now".

First, how many people that don't have ME1 would come back?

Second, as I stated, many probably have the game but no longer the save game, not everybody is up to replay a RPG.

Third, EA has all the publishing rights, not MS (hello, Earth calling, EA is the biggest PUBLISHER of the world, they wouldn't buy developers if they couldn't get the publishing rights) so they can release ME1 on PS3 if they want to. But, again, how many people you know that will actively go after the last game? Be it a good history or not. I know a lot of people that get into Metal Gear world way after the MSX game.

Bnet3433503d ago

Is this an insinuation that it's not coming to Playstation 3? By the way, this has been done before. If you played through Gears 1, in Gears 2, you unlock Lt. Kim, Anthony Carmine, and General RAAM. This might be sort of similar.

cayal3503d ago

"I like this theory, it would make for sure a shocking plot twist. We start the game by customising a new character only to find our saved file Sherpherd still alive. We retake control of Shepherd which looks like our saved file version and the character we customized could become a new companion."

Of course that theory is invalid.

1. The Shepherd dead but not dead is cliche, old and obvious.

2. Not everyone has their save file, therefore that theory is out and the PS3 version is back to being possible.
Bioware are not going to make everyone replay the first Mass Effect, or make them buy (or re-purchase if sold already) so they can play the second one.

Le Idiotce3503d ago

*inserts Suikoden 2 disc* into the first true 3D gaming console, the PSX.

*watches gorgeous intro* ah, I have fond memories of this game.

*presses start button*


SUIKODEN 1 game save found on memory card. Do you wish to load?

*presses NO"

Ahh no McDohl this time around for me.

dragunrising3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Who deletes their saved games to make room on their HD? A save file isn't anymore than a few MB (2-3). Dumb logic there. Your irrationality doesn't end. Bioware never said ME2 would be gimped if you didn't used the save file for ME. Did they? Strange, I didn't get that memo. If you are invested in the universe and story of Mass Effect, you have a saved file you want to transfer to the sequel. Sorry, but true. That is not to say you can't play the game if you didn't play the first (or deleted your save file); poor design on their part if true. The point is that "gimped" isn't part of the equation. Different people want different things from games. If you delete your saved file, your obviously not invested in your character. ME 1 save files being transferred to the sequel was promised since the very beginning and is FAN SERVICE. It was also known there would be a trilogy. Naive? Would you want to play Uncharted 2 without playing the first one? I didn't think so.

Also, EA is not the world's largest publisher, k. Activision-Blizzard is the largest third party publisher. Nintendo is hands down the largest.

MiloGarret3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

1. That a theory is clishe or obvious doesn't make it invalid, sort out your concepts.

2. If a save game exists, then you get "your" shephard, if it doesn't exist you get a boring Bioware-created Shephard.

There, not so hard, right?

king dong3503d ago

then doesn't a statement like this mean that they need to get the first one ported pronto?

or, are they gonna release the two together?

aswell, as bioware have been busy for the last couple of years with ME2, then that pretty much means if ME does come to the ps3, then it's gonna be a port done by EA...and seeing how other ports have turned out(the orange box), i wouldn't be to excited!

pippoppow3503d ago

If it comes to the PS3 then as long as it looks and plays at least as good as the PC and 360 versions it will not be "gimped". They could just have a 5 min movie sequence to inn the beginning to show what happened in the 1st game, then start the game with a character that has a level similar to what most would have if the character was imported from the 1st. If it does't come to the PS3 then the PC version will be availbale, so no biggie.

TheDude2dot03503d ago

That is incredibly stupid. They would not make a huge plot twist only possible if you owned the first game. Many people buy just the sequels. Why would they have to miss out just because they don't have the first game?

MiloGarret3503d ago

And obviously I meant to say cliché...

cayal3502d ago

"1. That a theory is clishe or obvious doesn't make it invalid, sort out your concepts.

2. If a save game exists, then you get "your" shephard, if it doesn't exist you get a boring Bioware-created Shephard.

There, not so hard, right?"

So you took what I said and....repeated it?

1. I never said the cliche was invalid. I said it was predictable.

2. This doesn't prove there is no PS3 version as lord of balrogs wants to believe...that was my point.

Danja3502d ago

im pretty sure ME 1&2 will show up on the PS3 need to argue over it..

but I dont care cuz either way I will be playing this game

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Columbo3503d ago

I wonder how this would work if there is a PS3 version of Mass Effect 2. Maybe they would do a question & answer session about your knowledge of events that happened in Mass Effect 1, and then give you a generic starting spot in the story based on your answers.

This game can't come soon enough!!!

Why dis3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Thats what they should do with all games and movies :p lol.

They already said newcomers won't have to buy part one of course that was during a time when they were not even sure they would release a PC version for sure.

Who knows but I fear the game choices are a liilte more detailed and involved than "do want to be the hero or villain"

meepmoopmeep3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

i don't know,

do save file extentions differ for 360/PC/PS3 etc.

it would be odd to play ME2 without playing ME, that's for sure
especially with this implemented.

and IF a PS3 version was to be made
it wouldn't make sense without releasing ME1
but doesn't MSFT own the pub rights?

M337ING3503d ago

Apparently not, considering they had nothing to do with the PC version

lord_of_balrogs3502d ago

MS not EA just published the recently released Platinum Edition. I think that settles who owns the rights.

What I think MS did was give up the rights so EA could publish the PC version in exchange for EA leaving Mass Effect2-3 as 360/PC only.

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Bladestar3503d ago


This is another reason why PS3 version chance are almost zero...

Don't people understand what a trilogy is?

Mass Effect 2 is a continuation of the 1st.. even game saves and weapons will be carried from the 1st.

So, tell me Sony fanboys.. how will this work?

Obama3503d ago

yeah it better be a 360 exclusive or else the bots will have nothing to play this year. Sad year for 360 but let's c if they can get at least 1 worthwhile game in 09.

Queers of War3503d ago

so by your logic, whoever has a 360 but doesnt have ME will have to buy it to play ME2? meaning its more of an expansion pack than a sequel? thanks for clearing that up

WickedSick3503d ago

I see ME2 coming to the PlayStation3 as well as ME1 now! EA can easily fit both ME1&2 into a single blu-ray disc! All EA need to do is change a little of ME1's contents and re-name it by claiming it as ME2. There you go PlayStation3 fans you got yourself a FULL GAME of Mass Effect!

Gaara_7243503d ago

the said in an interview if u have the save yuo play as shepard if you dont you play as someone else so i can see it comingto the ps3

Le Idiotce3503d ago

When it comes to the 360, no game is truly exclusive.

And this comment with the saved games, well, you are obviously too stupid to understand what the guy actually meant.

The game saves merely serves as an extra. It does not mean that you need the game save from Mass effect 1 to play ME2.

You are stupid beyond words, xbot. Just like all your other xbot kind.

In Suikoden2, if you had a Suikoden 1 game save with a certain % completion, you can load that game save into suikoden 2 and unlock the main hero of the first game, as an extra character for Suikoden 2.

You do not need the Suikoden 1 game save or even have played Suikoden 1 to play Suikoden 2.


JasonPC360PS3Wii3503d ago

Yeah Obama because it would suck only having to play one game all year like Killzone... oh wait, my bad that is all you have :)

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lord_of_balrogs3503d ago

What I'm wondering is if the Geth is standing over the body Shepherd or is wearing his armor. It's hard to tell.

Why dis3503d ago

No the Geth unit in the trailer is wearing what looks like an N7 marines suit or symbol on its armor maybe Tali hacked some to fight the machines they worship?.

Why dis3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Still have three character builds.

EDIT: Disagree you think I'm lying about having three profiles saved on me HDD? lol

One is Shepard and the others are EVE and LYLA lol.

cayal3503d ago

Probably disagree because they don't care.

pumpkinpunker3503d ago

or disagree because they're Nasim with his multiple accounts.