IGN: Game Scoop Podcast, Episode 110

It's Daemon Hatfield, Ryan Geddes, Greg Miller, and Charles Onyett this week. They have got a huge stack of listener mail to catch up on. Game Scoop! is turning into a regular nerd love advice column.

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-EvoAnubis-3198d ago

This, TRL, and Beyond are all I listen to....but I really miss 1up Yours.

Lifendz3198d ago

Garnett, John, and Nick are all there. No Shane so the stupidity can get out of hand sometimes.

-EvoAnubis-3197d ago

No Shane? Insta-fail, but thanks for the info.

Lifendz3197d ago

just because he kept them all grounded. Garnett can't help but spin stories out of control and the other guys just don't really sound that into games. And then John talks about Ipod games at length which makes me want to rip my eyes out.

Johnny Rotten3198d ago

The beyond podcast would be good if the one guy would stop screaming like a fool all the time. I like this one though.

-EvoAnubis-3198d ago

That "one guy" is Greg Miller, who's also on the GameScoop podcast. And screams a lot there too.

Lifendz3197d ago

maybe he forgot to but I listed to podcast beyond and gamescoop and he screamed in neither. He's funny as heck but that screaming can almost cause a loss of hearing.

-EvoAnubis-3197d ago

Well, he was actually running Beyond this week, so he had to focus more on that. I haven't listened to Scoop yet because I haven't gone running yet today, and that's when I listen to my podcasts.