Pocket Gamer Review: 5 Star Games

Pocket Gamer: "You'll probably be relieved that 5 Star Games doesn't have anything to do with the similarly-named 80s pop group. There's no dancing like Doris and Delroy, or singing as Stedman. If it did, I imagine it'd sell even fewer copies than that 5 Star's final departing single, The Slightest Touch, which reached number 81 in the UK charts.

Instead the game is made up of five classic games: checkers, sudoku, solitaire, 5-in-a-row and slitherlink. As far as selections go, this covers some fine board games and puzzles and, even if it's not as vast a selection as you can get in other mobile games, the games evolve the longer you play while a nicely-arced difficulty curve takes you from simple puzzles to great big head-scratchers."

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