DSi Originally Had Two DS Slots

The DSi will be arriving in the States pretty soon, and alas, it will be lack a GBA port. But according to a new Iwata Asks interview, the DSi wasn't always a one port system.

While still in the design stages, the DSi had two slots for DS games, said Nintendo development engineer Masato Kuwahara. The change was implemented in response to fan requests, but as it turned out, it made the DSi a great deal bulkier. In the end, they had to drop it.

"The response wasn't that great, and, to tell the truth, we'd sort of been expecting that," said Kuwahara. "According to the determined specifications, however, there was nothing we could do to stop it from turning out like that. We unveiled it to them, all the while doubting that it was going to be all right."

Kuwahara also said that the relatively marginal changes between the DS Lite and the DSi were a "source of frustration" for him, but that he hoped that features like the larger LCD screens and new matte finish would make the fans happy.

Well, the DSi does certainly look nice enough. We'll go on mourning that GBA slot though. How will we import our

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Gitaroo3579d ago

so does it have rumble built in ?

SRU96003579d ago

Sony says that rumble is last gen.

admeister3579d ago

Your jokes are last gen.

Solidsnakex233579d ago

bubbles + for making me laugh

Close_Second3579d ago

The current DS lite in NZ is $239 NZD. The soon to be released DSi will retail for $399 NZD. That's almost the price of a Wii!!!

The fact that you lose the GBA slots for me is the biggest annoyance as the second hand GBA game market in NZ offers some really great deals.

SpoonyRedMage3579d ago

I don't why everyone has a problem with that personally, just keeps a GBA or another DS. Then there's no problem.