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Submitted by cyguration 2545d ago | image

Arma 2 Vs. Crysis Screenshot Comparison

Blend Games writes:

"I know Crysis and KillZone 2 received a heck of a lot of praise for their graphics, but Arma II is literally right up there with them, if not a stride ahead. The game looks stunning, simply stunning. A new trailer was released and you can view it along with some exclusive new screen captures right here at Blend Games." (ArmA 2, PC)
Tipsed by: cyguration

DragonWarrior46534  +   2545d ago
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GVON  +   2544d ago
moved to 2.2
Masta_fro  +   2544d ago
youve got to be kidding...
this is purely an attempt to hype up this game.

The game looks like battlefield, it is nowhere near the quality of killzone or crysis.

My god, if your taking us (gamers) for idiots, at least consider were not blind...
Pandemic  +   2544d ago
Operation Flashpoint 2 will be better..
Agent VX  +   2544d ago
OK... I almost blew my whiskey out my nose reading a few delusional fanboys saying something to the effect that Killzone 2 somehow even compares to the graphics of Arma 2. Killzone 2 from what I have seen, is the best graphics on a console so far. But to say that it comes close to beating Arma 2 is mind blowing idiotic. These are graphics that will never been seen on the PS3 or 360. Killzone 2 compared to Arma 2 is like the ugly red headed little brother.

Look console fanboys, your console is already dated using 3 to 4 yr old technology. There will never ever be anything on the PS3 or 360 that will look like this game, sorry...!!! End of story.
EXCLUSIVEGAMER  +   2544d ago
agent vx:
how about a nice cup of SHUT DA FVCK UP?

on topic: game looks good
KnowitAll  +   2544d ago
Sort of tricky.
Some scenes look amazing. While others look ordinary. Not until we have a full blown ingame play can we say its better than crisys.
Arma2 (ingameplay)Does not look as good as crysis, kilzzone or other games.(Vehicles look a little more realistic)
operation flash point 2
EXCLUSIVEGAMER  +   2544d ago

TheRealSpy  +   2544d ago
you know, if any of you bothered to goto the actual website, we wouldn't be having this silly debate.
it shows in game footage. and the video in this article and the video on their own website aren't even close to similar. the video footage in the article looks incredible. but the actual in game graphics are not topnotch. it looks very good, but not great.
theEnemy  +   2544d ago
Those "480px × 270" images are stunning!

Agent VX  +   2544d ago
I guess your the ugly red headed younger brother... suck it up sport!!!

And dang right, game looks great.
MNicholas  +   2544d ago
Not even close
Based on the content of the link this game looks like any other run of the mill military fps in terms of graphics. Absolutely nothing impressive whatsoever.

Crysis wipes the floor with this.
Campy da Camper  +   2545d ago
That game
is sic. Can't wait!
Tarasque  +   2545d ago
Operation flashpoint 2 looks better than this. This looks average at best.
GVON  +   2544d ago
I go with Arma
Lucky for me the guys who make arma made flashpoint one,and this is why I'll probably end up with arma on pc.

here's some flashpoint pics

I would guess they are console pics because compared o the normal codemasters *cough* screen shots there well behind.

credit due to Bohemia they are a small time outfit and I wouldn't be surprised if money is really tight for them so to get it looking on the verge of photo realistic is great for them
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Chaoticsoulx  +   2545d ago
It looks nice, but the animations are horrible, i hope they get that sorted out, looks like a picture that has some added smoke effects, i'm guessing the game will be a 3/10.
PixlSheX  +   2545d ago
If this is in-game
then i'm interested on it.
ThanatosDMC  +   2545d ago
It looks in-game. When the tanks rolled on the meadow, the grass didnt bend or anything like we would see in any game. I cant wait to play it... i hope my tablet can play it.
LazyDevs  +   2545d ago
Surely you are not going to get that mediocre gameplay graphics confused with CGI, are you? If so then you need major glasses, Heck if your eyesight is that bad then i will pay for some Lazic eye surgery for ya.
darkmurder  +   2544d ago
Considering the first Arma's cutscenes were in game these are pretty much gonna be as good as it gets or so I hope!
agentace  +   2544d ago
the grass bends in SOCOM in-game lol
gambare  +   2545d ago
I had to admit that it has great landscapes, it looks awesome but its not match for crysis yet, it can be compared to CoD4 but not with crysis. besides the sequences and camera changes looks like the videos made with the ingame engine just like CoD4 videos, the screen shots had some different quality from the realtime game but I could be wrong, I'll have to see the full game.
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celldomceen1  +   2545d ago
Wow that game looks so life like it is crazy!
zoneofenders  +   2545d ago
why would i want a ARMA2 with crysis graphic?
ARMA(or OFP1) was never about graphic, but realistic battlefield, large scale battle. If they put too much effort on graphic, what will happen to the gameplay?
irishxdrunk  +   2545d ago
I don't think that this should be compared to crysis graphically. The only thing on this level would be Operation Flashpoint 2 in my opinion.
XLiveGamer  +   2545d ago
Its ingame graphics
Like i post before this its a conspiracy its a set up against all other FPS War Games out there. Call of Duty, SOCOM, MAG, GRAW, BF Bad Company, you name it they are going to fall on their knees in front of ARMA2 and OF2. Its ingame graphics believe it or not im a witness of that sh!t. In my opinion Crysis have slightly more detail but ARMA 2 its close to it.
Tarasque  +   2545d ago
Sorry that video isn't that impressive at all, using some camera effects to give some blur and such other than that it lacks major detail.
ArmrdChaos  +   2545d ago
The game has the as long as it has the personality and isn't high maintenance we might have a winner.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2545d ago
Is there an HD version of this?

From what I doesn't look anywhere close to Crysis. Am I on drugs?
Rob0g0rilla  +   2545d ago
Quality is terrible.
I couldn't see one thing in that video that looked better then Crysis because of the low quality. Is there an HD version of the video?
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2545d ago
Bubbles for the video.

It's not Crysis...definitely.

However, that engine really has something going on. It can do a LOT of crap at the same time. Nobody appreciated Ratchet & Clank, Resistance 1 or 2, or Heavenly Sword for this though...which makes me sad.
Tarasque  +   2545d ago
Sorry this game right now can not be said in the same sentence as crysis...
wibble  +   2544d ago
It's easy to say them in the same sentence!.

Arma 2 and Crysis.

Arma 2 and Crysis.

Buttons  +   2544d ago
"Arma 2 and Crysis" is not a sentence.
It lacks a verb and a complete thought.
Avto  +   2544d ago
Looks good, I mean I can't say this is better than Crysis maybe in some ways it is, I mean I don't like the near future setting on Crysis while in this game, the art design is more acceptable I think.
PS3istheshit  +   2544d ago
ok i dont get it
aryan_irani  +   2544d ago
not even close
XLiveGamer  +   2544d ago
Are you going to buy this game for X360 and PC also?
If you are going to buy this game for X360 or PC send me a message then we trade gamertags later. Can we say this game look better than Crysis and Killzone 2? No we can't we need to see it in front of our eyes running in our new PC's and favorite consoles but by judging that its an open world 1st person shooter war "simulation" game with a lot of liberty its fair to say that have achieved what a lot of FPS developers are scare to do. I have more fun playing the 1st ARMA than Crysis and i have no doubt that i will enjoy this game more than Crysis and Killzone 2 combined. You can even trow your New MAG to challenge ARMA 2 or Operation Flashpoint 2 and i have no doubt they are going to eclipse him. I have read about MAG by the way and... "No Sir i don't like it" a lot of people in the action Cool but it looks like i told you they are afraid to achieve what ARMA and Flashpoint have achieved. Do you wanna know what it is? Realism Yup that word the "Big Word". The 1st thing you notice in ARMA and Flashpoint its that you depend more on tactics than the M4, M16 or G36 that you carry in your hands. Its a simulation and its real put it in the hand of 4 US Marine Soldier and they are going to kick your azz.

Now theres a good question for you here... Did you play ARMA and Operation Flashpoint (Cold War Crisis)? Then you can't disagree with me that this game and OF2 have achieved more than Killzone 2 and Crysis.
xodee48  +   2544d ago
I loved operation flashpoint havent played ARMA yet but from the realistic vibe coming from the trailer i think im gonna like this one.

"Are you going to buy this game for X360 and PC also?"
I dont think this is coming to console? if not hooray too pc exclusives.
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Traveler  +   2544d ago
I think it looks good, but still not better than Crysis and Killzone 2.

Some parts looked fantastic though.
vmanj  +   2544d ago
wow i didnt no dis game was coming so soon Q1 2009...
also i was surprised and somewhat happy when tht itz a x360 exclusive (PC too but on consolez)

now 360 have a FPS,RTS,JRPG,racing and Action Adventure(lost and damned) wow and ppl say 360 doesnt have any exclusive

360 have more exclusive titlez than ps3 will have all year in just itz a diff story about the quality of each but still

360 is like a computer in a smaller box thtz y itz so easy 4 developerz to program
xplosneer  +   2544d ago
okay ground textures, the hangars looked bland, but otherwise very solid with a battlefield-esque feel. (Like battlefield with the realism mod according to the people above?) Arma 1 was a realism-focused game (non graphical realism)?
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gta2800  +   2544d ago
Judging by all the images and videos I've seen, Crysis is still the graphics king. With Killzone 2 right behind it.
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Trekster_Gamer  +   2544d ago
Crysis may have looked good but it was a crappy game. The sales was proof of that1 Eye-candy means nothing unless you have gameplay to back it up!
Hockey11  +   2544d ago
Is this coming to ps3 or Xbox 360 because the site has always said "coming to pc and next gen console (TBD)" Some people have told me ps3 cool if it is.
ReTarDedFisHy  +   2544d ago
Erm... no?
And I really hate the title.
"Arma II Officially Better Looking Than Crysis?"
1ikedamaster  +   2544d ago
I'm stupified on how Sony & company got people believing Killzone 2 has the best graphics on a console.

And others believing Arma 2 compares to Crysis.
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drummerx2709  +   2544d ago
The graphics are impressive and at some parts are hard to distinguish from real life. But, the intensity is no where to be found. Sure, its up to par with or even past killzone standards, but the gameplay seems to lack the action that killzone brings. Without strong gameplay, graphics just don't mean as much.

Edit: if you're wondering why I was comparing it to killzone as opposed to crysis, its because killzone was mentioned in the article. And in my opinion, it does not look better than crysis...yet...
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XLiveGamer  +   2544d ago
I have a good question for you
In real life battle (War) do you have the same constant action like Killzone 2 or Crysis? Well compare those 2 games to the flow of a real life conflict (War), then compare ARMA 2. Wich one its more real? ARMA 2 like Operation Flashpoint 2 are both simulation war games. They are not those games like CoD4, Crysis, Killzone 2, Halo 3, GRAW, BF Bad Company, etc. They are the Forza of the FPS Warfare games genre.
Im impresed of how much people in this website criticize a game without even see it, play it or even read about it. Go to youtube and search for ARMA Gameplay videos. ARMA its not your typical FPS Action War Game. This is where you separate Kids from Mens.

"The intensity is no where to be found" its a presentation video now watch this: This is one of the 1st missions in A.R.M.A. you and a sniper rifle This one its a Gameplay video of A.R.M.A. 2 Like i told you "Realism".
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KarIostomy  +   2544d ago
yeah wow...
arma 2 looks so realistic!

Kind of makes KZ2 look like a cartoon... even though kz2 is an astoundingly good effort for the ps3.

Games like arma 2 make me all excited about the next gen of consoles.
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