Arma 2 Vs. Crysis Screenshot Comparison

Blend Games writes:

"I know Crysis and KillZone 2 received a heck of a lot of praise for their graphics, but Arma II is literally right up there with them, if not a stride ahead. The game looks stunning, simply stunning. A new trailer was released and you can view it along with some exclusive new screen captures right here at Blend Games."

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DragonWarrior465343587d ago

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masta_fro3586d ago

this is purely an attempt to hype up this game.

The game looks like battlefield, it is nowhere near the quality of killzone or crysis.

My god, if your taking us (gamers) for idiots, at least consider were not blind...

Pandemic3586d ago

Operation Flashpoint 2 will be better..

Agent VX3586d ago

OK... I almost blew my whiskey out my nose reading a few delusional fanboys saying something to the effect that Killzone 2 somehow even compares to the graphics of Arma 2. Killzone 2 from what I have seen, is the best graphics on a console so far. But to say that it comes close to beating Arma 2 is mind blowing idiotic. These are graphics that will never been seen on the PS3 or 360. Killzone 2 compared to Arma 2 is like the ugly red headed little brother.

Look console fanboys, your console is already dated using 3 to 4 yr old technology. There will never ever be anything on the PS3 or 360 that will look like this game, sorry...!!! End of story.


how about a nice cup of SHUT DA FVCK UP?

on topic: game looks good

KnowitAll3586d ago

Some scenes look amazing. While others look ordinary. Not until we have a full blown ingame play can we say its better than crisys.
Arma2 (ingameplay)Does not look as good as crysis, kilzzone or other games.(Vehicles look a little more realistic)
operation flash point 2

TheRealSpy3586d ago

you know, if any of you bothered to goto the actual website, we wouldn't be having this silly debate.
it shows in game footage. and the video in this article and the video on their own website aren't even close to similar. the video footage in the article looks incredible. but the actual in game graphics are not topnotch. it looks very good, but not great.

theEnemy3586d ago

Those "480px × 270" images are stunning!


Agent VX3586d ago

I guess your the ugly red headed younger brother... suck it up sport!!!

And dang right, game looks great.

MNicholas3586d ago

Based on the content of the link this game looks like any other run of the mill military fps in terms of graphics. Absolutely nothing impressive whatsoever.

Crysis wipes the floor with this.

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Tarasque3587d ago

Operation flashpoint 2 looks better than this. This looks average at best.

GVON3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Lucky for me the guys who make arma made flashpoint one,and this is why I'll probably end up with arma on pc.

here's some flashpoint pics

I would guess they are console pics because compared o the normal codemasters *cough* screen shots there well behind.

credit due to Bohemia they are a small time outfit and I wouldn't be surprised if money is really tight for them so to get it looking on the verge of photo realistic is great for them

Chaoticsoulx3587d ago

It looks nice, but the animations are horrible, i hope they get that sorted out, looks like a picture that has some added smoke effects, i'm guessing the game will be a 3/10.

PixlSheX3587d ago

then i'm interested on it.

ThanatosDMC3587d ago

It looks in-game. When the tanks rolled on the meadow, the grass didnt bend or anything like we would see in any game. I cant wait to play it... i hope my tablet can play it.

LazyDevs3587d ago

Surely you are not going to get that mediocre gameplay graphics confused with CGI, are you? If so then you need major glasses, Heck if your eyesight is that bad then i will pay for some Lazic eye surgery for ya.

darkmurder3587d ago

Considering the first Arma's cutscenes were in game these are pretty much gonna be as good as it gets or so I hope!

gambare3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

I had to admit that it has great landscapes, it looks awesome but its not match for crysis yet, it can be compared to CoD4 but not with crysis. besides the sequences and camera changes looks like the videos made with the ingame engine just like CoD4 videos, the screen shots had some different quality from the realtime game but I could be wrong, I'll have to see the full game.

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