Yakuza 3: Downloadable Content Will Be Free

The game hasn't released in the United States, yet, but it seems that SEGA has the downloadable content all figured out. When speaking on DLC, SEGA confirmed it's plan for releasing the future downloadable content for Yakuza 3 in a very elaborate manner.

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Freakwave0033583d ago

I love you Sega. Only thing that could make me happier is JET SET RADIO!!!

Jaces3583d ago

Played the demo and aside from everything being in Japanese, it was freaking awesome.

Way to go SEGA.

Simon_Brezhnev3583d ago

yeah i played it 2 i see they add more moves u can interact with more objects

sinncross3583d ago

absolutely awesome... hopefully this game makes a killing in japan and then does the same world wide.