GamePlay: Top 20 Black Characters in Gaming: #10 Sonic the Hedgehog

GP writes: "What's up people. For Black History Month, we've decided to cull together a list of the Top 20 Black Characters in Gaming. Counting down from 20, we'll be hitting you with a new one each week day until we get to number 1. Let's get to it:

#10 on TGH'z Top Black Video Game Characters list is none other than Sonic the Hedgehog

This is me ducking chairs. Of all the people out there would say that Sonic is blue and a hedgehog and not human or all of those things. I say to you this. At a time when Super Mario was running around ruling all of videogames, Sega had the balls to come up with a mascot who's traditionally drawn in b-boy stance."

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Myst3583d ago

#10 Sonic the Hedgehog

Huh? Shouldn't that only constitute for shows and such? I know he did the Sonic the hedgehog (the one where robotnik was trying to take over the world) Though in the games his voices wasn't anywhere near Urkel's so, why sonic?

If anyone knows why please feel free to respond,unless they are incorporating games and the shows that spun from them; yet it seems to state gaming, so I really don't get this :).