10° Preview: Sonic and the Black Knight writes: " Sonic and the Black Knight is the sequel to the Arabian Nights-themed Sonic and the Secret Rings on Wii, one of the better Sonic titles we've seen in the last few years. Taking another familiar, oft-told story and chucking Sonic headlong into its fantasy world, Sonic and the Black Knight once again sees Sega's cobalt mascot along way from the Green Hill Zone.

Sonic and the Black Knight has Sonic wielding a talking sword named Caliburn, which grants him a range of slicing and dicing moves with which to dispatch the evil minions of darkness. Bear with us for a second though, because as bad as that sounds, the remote waggling swordplay is actually less of a gimmick than you'd expect. Black Knight plays in the now traditional 3D Sonic way, with the blue streak running into the screen as you nudge the analog stick forward on the nunchuk. So far so predictable perhaps, but it's a little jarring when you first realise that Sonic no longer has his trademark spin attack, instead relying entirely upon his newly discovered sword swiping prowess."

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