R.I.P: Traditional Console RPG

Gamer Limit writes: Have you misplaced a part of your youth? A convoluted, engrossing story? Individualized, quirky characters? A grossly overpowered, unusually stylish protagonist? Looking for that four person party? That menu driven combat? The countless amount of grinding? The four to six stage final boss? If you've answered yes to one or all of these questions, then you, like me, are itching for a traditional, console-style RPG.

I, more than most, am an RPG whore, and will play most anything that receives a decent amount of buzz. I've tackled everything, within the last few years, from Fallout 3 to Eternal Sonata to Rise of the Argonauts to Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, with most titles offering an engrossing experience that I can thoroughly explore and enjoy a fulfilling journey. But most action RPGs (and similar variations), unless new aspects are added along the course of the game, get boring and repetitive. I don't know how many times I had to put down FFVII:Crisis Core in disgust because I just couldn't take the monotonous combination of mission-driven sidequests and mindless repetition of the "x" button. Or how I maxed out my level in Mass Effect before I could finish masturbating to the alien lesbian sex romp.

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Cameron_aka_Cam3555d ago

Very interesting article! Especially the "masturbating to the alien lesbian sex romp." part.

ZeroXMD3555d ago

Is the perfect game for anyone who likes the current trend of customization but misses the old skool RPG feel. The SMT series was on SNES for 1 and 2, then had the Persona and Devil summoner series' on ps1 and saturn, but none came out of Japan until SMT (3) Nocturne. That game alone is as good as any FF game (held higher by some people) and has customization done perfectly. The Persona, Digital Devil Saga, and Devil Summoner games are all awesome, but the best is Nocturne and the originals on SNES, which you can find translated copies of online. The stories are always thought provoking and deep, even questioning you on the outcome of the game (it was one of the first series to feature alternate endings depending on how you played.)

As one generous act of Capcom, Nocturne even has Dante from DMC appear in the game. You fight him twice in the game, then you can recruit him when you are level 80. Trust me, he fits into it well.

I seriously cannot wait for SMT4. I can't wait, despite it's not even announced.

Fullish3555d ago

I don't think they are dying, I think just the fanbase is dying.

SaiyanFury3555d ago

It's not so much the fanbase, it's the focus of the younger gamers. I'm a 30 year old gamer and there's little left for me as a traditional RPGamer. Valkyria Chronicles is about the only RPG I love this gen. But Demon's Souls (Asian English version) is coming at the end of the month. As a King's Field veteran, I'm getting it. Classic style gameplay will no doubt ensue and I cannot wait for it. There's great things coming, but it takes patience; something that younger gamers lack.

krauley3555d ago

that the fanbase is dying as much as new gamers coming into the mix are more into action/shooters games, while the old school rpg'ers still exist, just have not expanded as much as the other genres have.

drdistracto7073555d ago

nice read, pretty interesting. but i still wouldnt say they are dying

iseven3555d ago

I hope the Super Mario RPG 3 brings back the days of Super Mario RPG. That was fun. Then Paper mario ruined it.

chrisjc3555d ago

I had an hour long conversation with my wife last night about how amazing Super Mario RPG was. Really; it showed Nintendo had innovation and could actually make new characters for once. Oh right, that was Squaresoft.

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The story is too old to be commented.