PS3 Gaining Momentum In Japan

In what is starting to become a growing trend in Japan, Sony's PS3 is starting to compete with the Wii in week by week sales comparisons.

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iamtehpwn3581d ago

If there was ever a reason to believe in a Just God in this universe...

ThanatosDMC3581d ago

Butt butt... teh expensives..

Nvm, i failed... i cant do what y'all do.

StoneySweatLeafs3581d ago

Good to see the PS3 doing better. She deserves it.

TOSgamer3581d ago

The PS3 isn't really doing better. Its just that Wii sales continue to drop each week.

SprSynJn3581d ago

I hope more people are starting to realize this when looking at the price tag. I bought mine when it was still close to its debut price, and I feel it has been worth every penny (or yen I should say) since then. I have trust in Sony, have for a while now. They know what they are doing, despite it not appearing so. I always look forward to what they bring out.

QuackPot3581d ago

when it's cheaper than the Wii & has it's own wii-mote(the xmote) and a collection of fun casual games using the new controller.

sak5003581d ago


I wanted to say the same but no point there a blind and hypnotised people and there a blind and hypnotised people.

Ps3 sales have been constantly down for last few months and it was selling (jap) anywere from 8k to 18k. Now wii sales have dropped off and ps3 is still at 18k and now its "PS3 is gaining momentum" Good luck going to 50 million at 18k / week.

QuackPot3581d ago

Playmote - ps3 version of the wii-mote

Xmote - 360 version of teh wii-mote.

I'm talking about the Playmote

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TheHater3581d ago

To see how it sales compare to the Wii when the price drop sometimes this year in Japan.

cmrbe3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

but don't think it would be alot more than what they are selling now as its already cheap as is.

Edit: Oops I thought you ment the wii. Yeah. If Sony drop the price of the PS3 then it will definately be seriously competing with the wii in Japan.

TheHater3581d ago

you think the PS3 is cheap? Or are you referring to the Wii?

cayal3581d ago

Probably won't make a difference, seems everyone in Japan has a Wii, these sales are just seconds.

QuackPot3581d ago

...because is now well know to have fun casual games to play with friends that uses the wii-mote.

Sony already knows how to seriously challenge the Wii. So hurry up already.

Bring on the
(1) price cut
(2) X-mote
(3) the fun casual games that use the X-mote.

The the Wii's reign will be over.

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cmrbe3581d ago

the PS3 will definately see a boost soon because of FF demo and Yakuza 3 but in the end Sony needs to drop the price to really compete with the wii in the long run.

The wii saw a big drop for the last couple of weeks.

dar363581d ago

the wii has almost reached it's saturation point in japan. the ps3 is gaining momentum in japan, but 19000 units isn't all that much. the ps3 will do better as soon as they drop the price.

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The story is too old to be commented.