Microsoft: Snow Leopard Can't Roar

Apple has long accused Microsoft openly that it is copying its Mac OS X operating system with Windows releases. The Redmond company countered on the same note, indicating that there are features on OS X inspired by Windows. In this escalating face-off, Microsoft managed a new move over its rival in Cupertino. It paraded its own breed of "snow leopard," this time the real thing, not just the codename for the next version of Apple's operating system. As you can see from the image on the left, Microsoft featured a snow leopard as a background for its search engine, Live Search.

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BulletToothtony3582d ago

I have recently bought an iMac and it's like no other computer i had ever used.. on top of their products being extremely well built.. leopard it's so incredibly smooth and fast.. is not that windows can't do what leopard does.. it's just that it's easier, smoother and faster on a mac.

And it is true that MS has copied apple in pretty much everything they've done. Look at windows 7, straight up copy of the dock.. MS is known for this. They simply CANNOT innovate.

Probably the one thing that i love the most is that most programs only take about 2mb, the heavy ones take 10mb, while anything on windows is always around 80mb.. and every time you install something it seems your pc just got slower.. in OS-X everything just seems to work together.. never going back to windows.. i still use it, but only like once a week, (still waiting for MKV2VOB for mac :(

Edit: I'm buying Snow leopard day 1!!

meepmoopmeep3582d ago

yeah, i can't wait to see the improvment in Snow Leopard

i heard they're giving everyone QuickTime Pro free now with SL

Premonition3582d ago

I agree,Im also getting an iMac during the summer around the same time Snow Leopard is suppose to be released.

Eiffel3582d ago

Have fun blowing off your money on something limited.

IdleLeeSiuLung3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Yeah, it works great until you have to install a OS update because your newest software requires it and Apple is ripping you off a again by charging for the update. Need software? You are guaranteed to find it on Windows. Support for Mac OSX is to a degree limited. Besides a lot of Mac users are elitist or like to think so (yes, I'm stereotyping).

I'm not saying Mac's aren't sexy as hell or great product, but there is a price and that is selling your soul to Apple. I'm personally boycotting.

Viper73582d ago

These kind of fees make me smile as a Linux user :)

Havent paid a penny for my operating system nor the software and none of them is pirated.

But as for Windows versus MAC, both of them requare ppl to open their pockets when new version is getting relased. XP to Vista requares you to buy Vista and its very likely that ppl with vista will need to buy Seven too.

But if user is liking the older version enough why waste money? MAC:s have similar protection mechanism against viruses as Linux so..? dont need new features dont buy em?

For example I could update my Hardy heron ubuntu tu intrepid Ipex but I am not forced to. New updates come nearly daily for free. (reason why I am not updating is mainly the legacy drivers which I have heard to have some problems with intrepid)

SaiyanFury3581d ago

I'm using the Windows 7 beta and it works great. The Windows Aero Glass interface works very well on my PC, and Windows 7 has native driver support for third party devices. It even updates devices that don't support Windows 7 natively with drivers that work. It's also fast and I can't really complain about it. The taskbar functions are great as well. The interface is fast and functionality is great. What more can be asked from an OS? Apple does everything for you, but what happened to you doing things for yourself? That's the big difference; I can do it myself. Apple does it all for you.

miasma3581d ago

Commenting on your comment, "Apple does it all for you", are you saying that is a good thing or bad thing? I personally think if I am paying good money for a good product and they are "doing it all for me" then i feel i got even more for my money.

Premonition3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

@Eiffel- Dont worry about my money just worry about yours :)

SaiyanFury3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )


What I meant is that I want to do things myself. For the DIY-er, Apple stinks because they do everything for you. For some people that might be a good thing but I'm the type of person where I don't want to be lead around by the hand, and in the case of Apple that's a bad thing for me. I like to learn how programs work so I can better implement them into my productivity. And for the high price point that Apple commands for it's products, I simply don't think the products offered are worth that price for what you get.

miasma3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

I can see where you are coming from, however, on my side of the coin, I appreciate exactly what apple is and does, and from that I've been getting greater productivity for the past 12 Years. I've never felt limited in any way, as a matter of fact, after leaving the Windows environment I've seen nothing but better "productivity".

And just a small question, is it absolutely necessary to be hate-filled and angry in your comments about apple products all the time? I mean, really, we all know you don't like them, so why bother with all the "i'll make myself feel better about what I like by attacking others", when you could just have a mature mind about it and not bother with the Apple news, articles or comments all together. Then you would probably have even more time for all your "productivity".

Tony P3581d ago

Miasma, since when was this article Apple news? I see two companies mentioned here, one of which is in the title. And it ain't Apple.

Also, maybe I'm reading the wrong comments, but I don't see hate and anger in Saiyan's responses in this thread at least. It just looks like you're taking a shot at someone for having an opinion other than 'Macs are great'. If you can't stand to read even a hint of negativity about something you bought, then maybe you can take your own advice on maturity.

miasma3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Actually in this thread he is almost tame, aside from his "stinks" comment, however I was commenting on his history of comments on Apple products which i am sure he, as well as others i know of here, are familiar with. if you are not, go back thru his comments on these products (many many months worth, not just days or weeks). He always choses to put down or outright attack Apple products, even when he could be putting his good time and energy toward other things. i understand you aren't seeing this whole picture, so no big deal. And I am not saying either product is 'great' or not, I am just commenting that way because of the constant way in which he positions himself. As for not wanting to hear negativity, i can handle whatever anyone wants to say, but what most people say are based on opinion, so when i see someone like Saiyan saying apple "stinks" (his 1.9 comment), it doesn't really make sense to me why someone feels the need to spend the energy constantly on this type of commenting...

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Dimitri3582d ago

Thats Microsofts problem, they think they own everyone and that they will always be on top.

They underestimate their opponents.

Shadowstar3582d ago

Wait. Is this article seriously about the background picture and little weird quote on a search engine no one uses being a dis against Macs...?

meepmoopmeep3582d ago


sorta like the Blu-ray comment in MGS4

Zeus Lee3582d ago

Not a good idea,considering the Zune is a phenomenal flop and Windows 7 is looking to be a minor step up from Vista.

josh143993582d ago

looking forward to getting snow leopard on my macbook. everything windows does is a copy of mac but not as good. windows only has upper hand in gaming in my opinion but i have a windows, unbuntu and mac so i cant go wrong.

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