Mad Catz answers on Official Street Fighter IV FightStick and FightPad shortage

Street Fighter IV was just released this week, along with the Mad Catz line of Official Street Fighter IV FightStick and FightPad controllers. While you may be able to find the game, the controllers have been tough to get, both online and in stores. A Chun-Li FightPad, which has a $39.99 MSRP, was going for as high as $149.99 through a third-party Amazon seller. There are also exorbitant prices on eBay, with the SFIV Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition ($149.99 MSRP) going for $499.99.

I asked a few questions to Mad Catz Global PR & Communications Manager Alex Verrey, to help clear up a few rumors and get the details on what's up with the shortage and when gamers can expect to find them.

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shqype3503d ago

It's great to know that they will be producing more Tournament Edition joysticks.

Although we may have to wait a few weeks before they show up, it's nice to know that more will soon arrive!