Mass Effect 2 - First two images

Eurogamer Portugal published the first two images from Mass Effect 2. Enjoy!

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diefor3499d ago

Green and water. Cool

locos853498d ago

It looks like an Uncharted: DF screen

Traveler3498d ago

"First two images" made me think screenshots, but in fact they are merely concept art. Neither of them were surprising in what they showed in any case. Oh well.

1ikedamaster3498d ago

Concept art not screenshots. At least we get a tidbit of something from the awesome ME universe. heh

trancefreak3498d ago

that was beautiful art work

Torch3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

I agree.

Not more than two minutes ago have I logged off my PS3 from playing (i.e, trophy whoring) Uncharted, and seeing the above screenshot compelled me to think of Naughty Dog's game.

SL1M DADDY3498d ago

It's just concept art. Wish they had some real screens.

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N4PS3G3499d ago

Loving the art..the scale seems to be a lot bigger this time..really cool and epic

morganfell3498d ago

Impressive? No. It is only art work.

lelo3498d ago

Duhhhh .... I know it's art work... but i like it.

outlawlife3498d ago

youre implying that artwork isn't impressive?

RebornSpy3498d ago

Why can't artwork be impressive. It's basically how they hope the actual game will look, and if it's anything close to this, it will be amazing.

I'm a huge fan of concept art.

morganfell3498d ago

Yes I am implying that too. They have done much more impressive art than those shots. So have a great many other developers. Some of the artwork for the HALO series has been amazing. These two shots however, are not.

Ninja Viking3498d ago

Morgan, if this was a ps3 exclusive game, im sure yould think those shots were the best thing since sliced bread.

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mxdan3499d ago

But I like the 'star wars' feeling they are going for.

It looks really cool.

edhe3498d ago

To me Mass Effect is what Star Wars universe should've become, since it's actually for grown-ups.

MechaGear3498d ago

Artwork. Lookin good, yet still artwork.

SynGamer3499d ago

Can't wait. Hand down one of the best games i've ever played. I just hope they improved the inventory system...

SAiOSiN3498d ago

hell awful inventory system. also adding weapon attachments was a hassle. still, it is the best 360 game this gen so far.

Richdad3498d ago

Mass Effect is one of the best game on 360 not the best for sure.