MSI to release GTX 260 with 1792MB of memory

Fudzilla: "The guys over at Matbe have received information from MSI about a new Geforce GTX 260 they are developing. The new GTX 260 flavor will feature double the amount of GDDR3 memory chips found in current models."

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jay23554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Cool 1.8GB RAM.
I wonder how Crysis would run.

Nihilism3554d ago

wow they're releasing card exactly the same as the gtx 295- which runs the same as a regular gtx280 ( given the slower clocks), how unique, like the (now old) new 9800gtx! which is exactly the same as the 8800gt..only with an ALL NEW NAME!!!

ThatOneGuyThere3554d ago

The 295 is 2 cards smashed together(SLI on "one" card), so while the card in total has 1.7gb of ram, not all of it is accessible since both cards have their own memory. For instance, 2 512 cards does not equal 1 1gb card. Each card is rendering the same scene, be it every other frame or half the screen each. So, having 2 of these 1.7gb 260s in SLI will be MUCH better for games on the higher res monitors than 1 295. That's what this card is for. :)

TheIneffableBob3554d ago

The only game I know that can use more than 1GB of memory is GTA4.